When you use #CelebrityCruises, #CelebrityCruisesUK, #MyCelebrityCruise, reply to our rights request comment on your photo with #ShareCelebrity or tag @CelebrityCruises or @CelebrityCruisesUK on your photos, you hereby agree to our Terms of Use and confirm that you have read our Privacy Notice.

Terms of Use

Permission: By giving us permission to us to use any materials including video or still images (“Content”) you agree that:
a)    you are at least 18 years of age;
b)    you have the legal right to enter into this agreement and you are not impersonating anyone else;
c)    you own all rights in and to your Content including without limitation, all rights to the audio, video and or digital recording and performance contained in your Content (if any) and/or you have acquired all necessary rights to the elements appearing in your Content to enable you to grant any rights as described herein;
d)    You have obtained the permission of any third parties featured in the Content to share such Content with us for promotional and marketing purposes.

Beneficiaries of your Permission: Any permission granted by you to use Content shall be for the benefit of RCL Cruises Ltd t/a Celebrity Cruises, Celebrity Cruises Inc. t/a Celebrity Cruises and their respective parent, subsidiary and affiliated companies (together and individually “Celebrity Cruises”). 

Rights Granted by You: By giving Celebrity Cruises permission to use your Content you are granting Celebrity Cruises a perpetual and worldwide revocable license to use the Content for promotional marketing of the brand Celebrity Cruises and their respective ships and services on its digital channels; social media platforms such as but not limited to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, website and landing pages and promotional and customer emails by using the #CelebrityCruises, #CelebrityCruisesUK, #MyCelebrityCruise hashtags, replying to our rights request comment on your photo with #ShareCelebrity or tagging @CelebrityCruises or @CelebrityCruisesUK , on your photos or post comments. 

Third Party Rights: If any third party has any rights in your Content (e.g., someone else took a photo or appears in a photo), you represent that you have obtained all the rights and permissions needed from those third parties to grant the license to use your Content in accordance with these Terms. 

Content: You confirm that the Content does not contain any content that is inappropriate, indecent, obscene, hateful, tortuous, defamatory, defamatory, slanderous, or libelous or otherwise depicts inappropriate behavior and the Content does not contain any advertising or other commercial content. 

Compensation - You acknowledge that you shall have no right to receive payment of any fee, compensation or royalty payment.  

Rights in Use of Content: You agree that you shall have no right to approval as to the usage of your Content by Celebrity Cruises and no claim (including, without limitation, claims based upon invasion of privacy, defamation, right of publicity, or copyright infringement) arising out of any use (in accordance with the terms hereof), blurring, alteration, editing, distortion, faulty reproduction, or use in any composite form of the Content and you irrevocably waive any and all so-called moral rights you may have in the Content. This includes being acknowledged as the author of such images. 

No Obligation To Use: You understand and agree that Celebrity Cruises shall have no obligation to use any Content (or any part thereof) in any way approved by you for usage and Celebrity Cruises may remove any Content (or any part thereof) from any channels at any time for any reason at their sole discretion.

Withdrawal of your Permission: If you wish to withdraw any consent to use your Content, you may do so by writing to Please provide sufficient detail of the Content you wish us to cease making use of so that we can take appropriate action. Once we acknowledges receipt of your email request, please allow up to 90 days for your Content to be removed from all distribution channels.

Indemnity: By agreeing to allow us to make use of your content, you are undertaking to Celebrity Cruises that you have abided by these Terms of Use. As such, in the event that any third party makes any claim against us for unauthorised usage of Content approved by you, you agree to indemnify Celebrity Cruises for any losses they incur as a result of their unauthorised use of Content by the real owner/licensor. 

Privacy Notice

By replying #ShareCelebrity, you are granting Celebrity Cruises the right to use your photo, video or other post across our social media channels (Social Media Item), our websites and and on our email marketing. This implies that we will process your personal data, i.e. by making a photo available to an audience that otherwise would not have seen it.

Who’s responsible for your personal data?
a) When we say “we” or “us”, we are referring to RCL Cruises Ltd., Building 3, The Heights, Brooklands, Weybridge, Surrey KT13 0NY, UK. We are the data controller of your personal data.
b) When we post a Social Media Item to our page on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, those companies, together with us are also controllers, as they operate the social media platform.

What personal data do we collect or receive?
We will use only the Social Media Item that you have allowed us to use. 
Your Social Media Item may also contain information about other people, f.ex. other people appearing in a photo or mentioned in a comment. By posting #ShareCelebrity you warrant that you are authorised to provide their personal data as seen in the photo and that they have consented to this use of their personal data. 

How we use your personal data and who we share it with?
We may integrate your Social Media Item across our social media channels, on our sites, celebritycruises.ire and on our email marketing. 

We will only use your Social Media Item if the audience you selected was “public”. 

When we post your Social Media Item to our page on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, those companies will have access to the personal data contained in the social media post. They may also receive further data based on the interactions of other users with your Social Media Item (i.e. when a user tags another user in your Social Media Item or specifies the date or place where a photo was taken) or otherwise analyse your data. We do not control these processes and encourage you to consult the privacy policies of those companies:

International transfers of personal data
The operators of the social media platforms we use are based in the USA where the level of data protection is not considered equivalent to that available in the EEA. Facebook and Twitter are certified for the EU-US Privacy Shield, meaning that they have committed themselves to providing an adequate level of data protection. You can find out more about this in their privacy shield policies:

Us posting your Social Media Item to these international social media platforms is based on your consent.

Legal basis
We will process your data based on your consent to the use of your data as described above.

If you do not agree, this will have no negative consequences for you. You may also revoke your consent at any given time by mail to 

Your rights
You have the right to request access to and rectification or deletion of your personal data or restriction of processing your data or to object to the processing as well as the right to data portability.
You also have the right to make a complaint about how We process your personal data at your data protection supervisory authority.