Luggage allowance is 25kg on flights to and from Venice, Barcelona and Rome. Please note that the modern luxury departure lounge is only offered for the departure flight from Stansted’s Inflite Private Jet Terminal. The private terminal is not connected to the main terminal at Stansted and there is no access to shops or restaurants. Product offering differs for our Regional Jet Set Sail experience compared with our Stansted Jet Set Sail product. Please click here to see our product information. The flight service is a private charter onboard a Titan Airways B737-300 aircraft offering a 31 inch allocated seat.


From time to time we may promote package holidays in our marketing materials that are designated as a Celebrity Cruise & Stay, Cruise & Relax or a Cruise & Explore package. By virtue of the fact that such packages are offered at special rates and offer additional components, variations to such bookings are more restrictive than a standard cruise only or standard fly/cruise packages. Guests making bookings for any of these package holidays are therefore advised that such packages are generally sold ‘as is’ and as such, the following variations shall not be permitted:

1. Varying/removing any components of the package e.g. selecting a different hotel or flight or seeking a reduction in price because a component is not required.

2. Changing guest numbers i.e. adding/removing guests from the booking.

3. Varying the holiday duration i.e. adding or removing days to a Celebrity Cruise & Stay, Cruise & Relax and Cruise & Explore package.

4. Downgrading ship stateroom category. Upgrades are permitted subject to payment at the prevailing rate and subject to availability.

5. Changing guest names save in the event that any guest is constrained from travelling for reasons outside of their control and meets the requirements for transferring a booking pursuant to Section 10 of the Package Travel, Package Holidays and Package Tours Regulations 1992.

6. Changing to a different promotion or offer without cancelling the current booking. Cancellations will incur cancellation charges.

Please note that a higher non-refundable deposit may be payable per guest for any Celebrity Cruise & Stay, Cruise & Relax or Cruise & Explore package over the normal deposit payable for a standard cruise only or fly/cruise booking. The amount of that deposit to be paid per guest may vary depending on the specific package offering but this will be communicated to you either in our marketing materials and/or at the time of booking.

Be advised that in the event of cancellation of a Celebrity Cruise & Stay, Cruise & Relax or Cruise & Explore booking, the minimum cancellation charge will always be the higher of the deposit amount paid or the % cancellation amount of the total booking cost. For full details of cancellation charges see section 1.11 of the Booking Conditions.


All prices are subject to change without notice. An 18% service charge will be added to Soda, Wine, Water, Classic and Premium Package prices at checkout. Packages are sold on a per cruise basis or any other basis, and no refunds will be issued for unused amounts. Packages can be bought on board for the remaining number of nights on a sailing up until there are only 2 nights duration left. Packages may not be shared, and do not include beverages sold through gift shops, mini-bar, or room service. Ordered packages may be modified up to four days prior to sailing by cancelling and reordering the package. Cancellations or refunds will not be issued on board the ship after embarkation day. Availability of beverage packages varies by ship.

The minimum drinking age for all alcoholic beverages on Celebrity Cruises ships sailing from South America, Europe, Asia, the Arabian Gulf, Australia and New Zealand is eighteen (18). The minimum drinking age for all sailings from North America is twenty-one (21).
Guests can now take on board the ship, two bottles of wine/champagne per stateroom on embarkation only. If the wine is consumed in a public area, the corkage is $25. Other terms and conditions apply.