Welcome to The Grand Plaza

The Grand Plaza, a majestic, open, three-storey venue onboard our brand new Edge Class ships. Inspired by the piazzas of Italy and the invigorating energy of everyone coming together to savour a taste of the good life. Home to our incredible speciality restaurants, featured on different levels of the plaza - along with our popular Martini Bar, Café al Bacio, and the new Grand Plaza Café - the Grand Plaza is the ultimate gathering place on Edge Class.

The Grand Plaza

Inspired by the piazzas of Italy.

Located at the heart of the ship, The Grand Plaza has an energy that draws everyone to it morning, noon, and night. When you first enter The Grand Plaza, the sheer size of it will surprise you - three decks open up to create an airy space that you might find in a cosmopolitan city - it's like nothing else at sea. Your eyes will immediately be drawn to The Chandelier, a striking lighting feature that rises up over the Martini Bar to ceiling three decks above. It's as much an art installation as it is a chandelier.

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  • The Grand Plaza
  • Martini Bar, the centrepiece of The Grand Plaza
  • The Grand Plaza

The Grand Plaza is a transformational place that offers a different experience every time you visit. From day to night, the lighting changes from warm and inviting to bright and dramatic. Throughout the day and evening, you'll discover ever-changing entertainment, including live music and spontaneous performances that change the mood from one moment to the next. And, just like the best piazzas of Europe, you'll find fashionable kiosks with carefully curated items that offer exactly what you're looking for - from a stylish pair of sunglasses to a trendy tote bag.

In the morning, The Grand Plaza is an inviting and relaxing gathering spot perfect for a cappuccino, a croissant, and a cozy seat to begin the day. In the afternoon, after a day of exploring the world outside, come back for a special afternoon tea or a pre-dinner cocktail and notice the energy here has changed, there's a buzz in the air that hints at the excitement ahead. After nightfall, The Grand Plaza becomes the social epicenter of the ship, alive with laughter and live music. 

Grand Plaza Café

Grab a bite and soak up the atmosphere.

A new complimentary venue, Grand Plaza Café is perfect for a quick, satisfying savory or sweet snack on the go, either before or after you venture ashore. In the morning, it offers a variety of freshly baked pastries, from almond, Nutella, and chocolate croissants to a revolving selection of Danish pastries, turnovers, and more.

Later, you can stop by for an afternoon pick-me-up of mini sandwiches, such as the Roasted Turkey and Cranberry Ciabatta, with free-range turkey, Vermont cheddar, and fresh walnut bread, and the Curry Grilled Chicken Wrap, featuring mango salsa and shaved romaine.

Café al Bacio

More inviting than ever before.

A favourite gathering spot across our fleet, Café al Bacio, was one the biggest inspirations for designing the entire Grand Plaza. On Edge Class, Café al Bacio is more inviting than ever, with views of the Grand Plaza's ever-evolving action on the inside and the ocean and gorgeous places you'll visit on the outside. Settle into the comfortable seating, underneath a stunning glass art installation, and refuel with a cappuccino or white chocolate mocha, along with an array of sweets, from artisan cupcakes to a pistachio sable with lime white chocolate.

Martini Bar

Libations to tantalise.

Our popular Martini Bar - always an attention-seeker on any of our ships - is now the focal point of the entire Grand Plaza. The Chandelier, a breathtaking chandelier-meets-art-installation immediately draws your eye from anywhere in the space. Below its atmospheric glow, the bar curves gracefully around to invite conversation and interaction with our talented flair bar tenders who'll impress you with their gravity-defying skills.

Choose from a wide variety of tantalising libations, including our Bella Cera that blends Chameleon cachaça, Bombay Sapphire gin, lime juice, Angostura bitters, and ginger beer. Or try the Marmalade Smash that fuses Bulleit bourbon, lemon juice, simple syrup, orange marmalade, and fresh ginger. Pull up a chair and raise a glass.

Art & Design

The world's best designers.

Onboard, our Edge Class ships introduce a wide variety of stunning new venues that take modern luxury to new heights. To help us achieve these incredible feats, we sought out designers who were new to the cruise industry, because we wanted to ensure every aspect of Edge would be a departure from traditional thinking about cruising. We wanted a team that would bring a completely fresh perspective to ship design - and we got exactly that with a team of renowned designers and architects, including Patrick Jouin and Sanjit Manku.

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Together, the team of Jouin Manku is celebrated for drawing inspiration from a multitude of cultures and for merging cutting-edge technology with old-world craftsmanship. They've worked on iconic projects all over the world, including the famous Alain Ducasse au Plaza Athénée, Van Cleef & Arpel stores in Paris, Miami, Hong Kong, and Tokyo, and the Jules Verne restaurant in the Eiffel Tower.

We knew the agency of Jouin Manku was perfect for executing our vision of iconic spaces on Edge Class, including the breathtaking Grand Plaza, as well as other artistic installations like the main dining atrium and an extraordinary corridor designed to showcase the beauty of the ship's bare bones. 

From the elegant interpretation of a pendulum in the main dining atrium that subtly keeps time with the gentle sway of the ocean, to the ship's bare bones that have been artfully left exposed to reveal the marks of the thousands of craftsmen who worked diligently to construct this modern marvel, you'll be astounded by the design of The Grand Plaza.