If you’ve heard about the Anturus Explorer Academy exclusively onboard our ships, then you’ll know that at Celebrity Cruises we love science. That’s why we’re celebrating British Science Week from the 9th until the 18th of March 2018.

As part of our Camp at Sea programme, The Anturus Explorer Academy provides activities that bring our junior cruisers closer to the world around them. Where better to learn about wildlife than on a cruise visiting the jungles of the Caribbean? Where better to discover how glaciers move than when they are just off deck in Alaska? Where better to get to grips with the issues affecting our planet than in the places they are happening?

Based on bringing to life STEM subjects - science, technology, engineering and maths - the Explorer Academy is the ultimate mix of education and entertainment with fantastic science experiences, live demonstrations and fun challenges, which encourages young adventurers, scientists and explorers to indulge their inner science geek.

Highlights of the programme include building your own mini ship, learning how to navigate using the stars, building a shelter and testing it out in a special camp-out evening on the top deck, crafting a mini aeroplane, building your own weather station, and taking part in the Explorer Olympics.

In addition to the STEM subjects featured in the Anturus Explorer Academy, Camp at Sea activities include themes of culinary, recreation, and art.  Kids will still enjoy Celebrity Cruises favourites such as a Scratch DJ tournament to learn how to mix music, and iTake where you can shoot your own movie using a Go Pro camera and screen a film to your family and friends onboard. 

All children taking part in the Anturus Explorer Academy activities during their cruise will graduate at the end of their sailing as an Explorer and receive a certificate and badge to highlight their credentials. What better way to celebrate British Science Week? Find out more about our family cruises.