We're not pulling back the curtain. We're throwing it away.

Entertainment onboard our Edge Class ships is just as revolutionary, just as technologically mind-blowing. It isn't something that starts and stops on a schedule. It lives and breathes, surprising you at every turn and making your holiday unforgettable.

Our Edge Class ships surround you with engaging, spontaneous, and unforgettable entertainment moments that transport you from the everyday, every moment of your holiday.


Blurring the lines between audience and performance.

The Theatre is a truly contemporary space designed to blur the line between audience and performance and immerse you in entertainment like never before. With four stage areas, three moving backdrops, rotating spiral staircases, 16 synchronised projectors, and a duodirectional rotating platform that raises almost seven feet above the stage, The Theatre will take performances to a whole new level - literally.

The productions in The Theatre will wow audiences of all ages. From the edgy experiences produced by the Black Skull Creative group to the whimsical productions of Three In One Entertainment consultants -  be prepared to leave disbelief at the door. You will be mesmerised with cast shows like no others at sea.

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  • Four stage areas and three giant, moving backdrops offer an ever-changing canvas for the productions at The Theatre.
  • From the edgy experiences produced by the Black Skull Creative group to the whimsical productions of Three In One Entertainment consultants, you should always come prepared to leave your disbelief at the door.
  • Just one of the productions onboard Celebrity Edge, Colours of Life merges jaw-dropping acrobatics and choreography to create a unique entertainment experience.


Prepare yourself for Kaleidoscope, a high-energy music and dance extravaganza that utilizes The Theatre’s revolutionary screens, 18 synchronised projectors, and state-of-the-art technology to take the whole performance to another level.

A Hot Summer Night’s Dream

In A Hot Summer Night’s Dream, you’ll be thoroughly immersed in a light-hearted journey that fuses music with extraordinary acrobatics and yes - a little bit of Shakespeare. It’s a tale of love, intoxication, and midnight madness.

colours of life

Our hero, Homer, is stuck in a black-and-white world until a mysterious muse helps him discover a more colourful way to look at life. Join us on this uplifting musical journey that’ll inspire everyone from the young to the young at heart, featuring gravity-defying acrobatics, breathtaking choreography, and iconic songs spanning the generations. 

Resident Performer Series

Along with a list of incredible productions, The Theatre will feature resident mainstage performers ranging from top comedians to globally-acclaimed musicians and singers like Ashlie Amber and Marcus Terell to create some of the hottest concerts anywhere.


Transformative from day to night.

The Club. A dynamic, progressive space that changes its persona from morning to… well, early the next morning.

During the day, think of The Club as a gathering space - hone your creativity during Art Hour or game it up during the Rec Room series, with Laser Maze, Drone Hunting and Racing, Retro Gaming, and interactive game shows. In the evening, The Club transforms into a place where talk shows, game shows, live music performances and DJs reign supreme. Pull up a seat at the bar and relax or jump into the action.

At night, The Club transforms into a place of discovery and imagination. The nightlife here is full of innovative and engaging moments you’ll be talking about for days. One night in The Club will have you ready to come back for more.

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  • The Club is a place of discovery and imagination. The nightlife here is full of innovative and engaging moments you’ll be talking about for days after you've danced the night away.
  • Show us your best moves at our Hypno Cam party, where modern technology displays the group’s selfies Warhol-style on a giant LED screen behind the dance floor.
  • You’ll step through the futuristic body scanner of Andromeda at The Club and become someone else for the evening. This high energy, interactive diversion is the ultimate in role play experiences that lets you be someone else - just for the night.
  • Pull up a seat at the bar and relax as a bystander or grab that cocktail and jump into the action as the evening’s events play out.


Indulge every one of your senses.

Eden is a mind-blowing venue designed to entertain you by indulging every one of your senses in an atmosphere that changes from chillful mornings to playful afternoons to sinful evenings. It’s a fusion that creates a delightfully unexpected array of immersive experiences.

With a multi-level architectural design it’s unlike anything at sea. Layer in a lively, open air kitchen, and menus that deliver sensory and experiential dishes served by performance artists we call Edenists. Blend in entertainment produced by Variety Worldwide, a leader in fusing non-traditional theater with nightlife and dining such as Queen of the Night and Kazino. You’ll see, a visit to Eden will awaken every sense.

Every day in Eden, there are new views to get lost in. New tastes to savor. New sounds to move you. New aromas to breath in. And new ways to feel the indulgences offered. No matter what time of day or night, every visit to Eden will leave you intrigued and wanting more.

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  • From the specialty coffees in Eden Café to the hand-crafted cocktails at Eden Bar to the delicious, experiential cuisine at Eden Restaurant, your taste buds will be thrilled morning, noon, and night.
  • From hands-on culinary enrichment hosted in Eden Restaurant at its lively open-air kitchen to lookout points with plush seating installations that beckon you to sink in, your sense of touch will be expanded.
  • With interior design as sublime as the outdoor views from the multi-level, spiral walkway; the spontaneous, immersive performances created by Variety Worldwide that happen all around you; and the crescendo of theatrics that closes out the night - your eyes and ears will be amazed.

Resort Deck

Unlike any other outdoor space at sea.

At the Resort Deck, you’ll find endless ways to be entertained while enjoying the outdoors and connecting with the sea. Celebrated architect Tom Wright worked his magic on a variety of spaces on the Resort Deck to create a venue unlike any other.

The Rooftop Garden is a living playscape designed to awaken the inner-child in all of us. During the day, drift away to the rhythm of live musical performances or sip a cocktail as you as you gaze out over the open ocean. At night, experience A Taste of Film, an interactive fusion of food and film that will excite your palate and your imagination. See a live outdoor concert, curl up and enjoy our Rooftop Garden Cinema Series, or gaze up at the sea of stars above you at our Beyond the Edge Astronomy Series.

With oversized art installations including unique treetop sculptures; two 2-storey hot tubs; and 165-square-feet by 18-feet-high private Cabanas, The Pool Deck is a spectacular asymmetrical space with a distinct resort-style atmosphere. Situated alongside the 25-yard lap pool is the Pool Bar. A serene spot to relax, sip your favourite cocktail and take in your stunning surroundings.

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  • The Rooftop Garden is a living playscape designed to awaken the inner-child in all of us. Drift away to the rhythm of live musical performances as you sip a cocktail from the bar.
  • At the Rooftop Garden, experience A Taste of Film at night, an interactive fusion of food and film that will excite your palate and your imagination.
  • At the centre of the Resort Deck is the largest pool in Celebrity’s fleet. Relax by the pool, enjoy a poolside fashion show, or how about a pool party?
  • Sip your favourite cocktail at the Pool Bar as you watch live music under the sun or stars.

Family Entertainment

Camp at Sea makes every sailing a brand new adventure.

Camp at Sea is our interactive onboard programme for younger travellers, and onboard Edge Class we take it to a whole new level.

We say it’s “Never the same camp twice,” because our schedule of activities changes on every sailing based on the interests of the participants. With a selection of 500 activities to work with, including the largest Xbox One experience at sea, there’s a lot to choose from. Our Youth Counselors design daily programs that keep everyone excited, engaged, and enriched.

On Edge Class, you’ll be amazed at how much there is to see and do for everyone.

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  • Through collaboration with well-known entertainment companies, including Anturus, Xbox, Fat Brain Toys, and Lonely Planet, there will be no shortage of entertainment for younger travellers.
  • With a dedicated venue to focus on the Kids Camp at Sea programme, your little ones will be kept entertained, engaged, and most importantly - enriched.
  • The Basement is our dedicated space for teens onboard Edge Class. With a selection of 500 activities to work with, including the largest Xbox One X experience at sea, there’s a lot to choose from.