Prepare to try new things and satisfy your appetite for adventure when you dine at Qsine. From ordering your food with an iPad to the pioneering and unusual presentation, everything about Qsine is forward-thinking, modern and thought-provoking.


Flavours originate from around the world to fuse in delighting ways at Qsine. Sushi lollipops, lobster escargot and popcorn fish and chips all feature on a menu designed to evoke your senses.

Our favourites from Qsine

Spring Rolls

Baby Back Spring Rolls with Chipotle Coleslaw & White Truffle BBQ Sauce {or} Vegetable Mélange with Cilantro, Chipotle Coleslaw, Sweet & Sour Sauce

Lobster Escargot

Lobster & Escargot Fritters with Parsley-Garlic Butter Sauce

Crunchy Munchies

Gaufrettes, French Fries, Sweet Potato Strings, Vegetable Chips, Potato Croquettes, Spicy Parsnip Crisps with "Squeezable Sauces"

"Popcorn" Fish 'N' Chips

Boddingtons Battered Codfish & Chips, Malt Vinegar or Aioli

Disco Shrimp

Bouillon Poached Tiger Shrimp, Avocado, Tomato & Celery, with Cocktail Aioli and Crunchy Toppings

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