Your Mediterranean cruise experience

Wake up to watch the sunrise in Croatia and see it set that night in Venice. 

Our Mediterranean cruises combine the sights, sounds and flavours of this rich region. Whether you’d rather discover the ancient wonders of Greece or sample authentic tapas in Spain, discover a new world of experiences. 

Our exclusive shore excursions take the excitement and luxury you’ll find onboard on to dry land. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not hike the Nea Karmeni volcano in Italy or get active with a swim, bike and RIB boat ride on Ben Fogle’s Croatian Adventure. Looking for something more scenic or relaxed? Create your own gelato in Italy or enjoy a leisurely walking tour in France.


Turkey is the meeting point of Europe and Asia, and is a melting pot of colour, flavour and culture. Visiting Turkey on a Celebrity Cruise means you sail in on the incredible Bosphorus Strait, and also allows you to dive headfirst into everything Turkey has to offer with our range of unique shore excursions. 

Highlight port: Kusadasi (Ephesus)


Greek islands cruises

There’s no limit to the adventures awaiting you in Greece. Made up of over 1000 islands, Greece is famed for fascinating history, good food and sunshine.

Looking for relaxation and escapism?

Greece is famous for beautiful beaches, perfect for escaping everyday life. For those seeking culture and history, the city of Athens is where you’ll find modern cityscapes punctuated by ancient monuments.


Italy Cruises

Famed for its food, wine and history, Italy is a true feast for the senses. If you’ve never visited Italy before, our ultimate guide to Rome is a great place to start.

Historical heritage

Italy is one of Europe’s most popular destinations, and offers a diverse range of things to see and do. The diversity of Italy’s cities is truly magnificent: discover the imperial past in Rome, the Leaning Tower in Pisa and the gothic charm of Venice

With over two thousand years of vibrant history, Italy is a haven for history enthusiasts. Retrace the steps of the gladiators in the imposing Colosseum, and discover Ancient Roman life in the vast Forum.

Canary Islands

Canary Islands Cruises

The Canary Islands offer sunshine and beaches on your doorstep when you sail from Southampton. Offering an Iberian way of life in tropical, volcanic surroundings, the Canary Islands offer stunning sights at every turn.

From Golden Shore to Golden shore

Highlights of your Canary Islands cruise include Tenerife, where traditional Spanish architecture is given a tropical twist. Enjoy fresh authentic cuisine as well as scorching beaches of volcanic black sand.


Spain Cruises

Flavoursome food and inspiring architecture are at the heart of the Spanish experience, one of the many highlights of our Mediterranean cruises.

Home to the good life, epic landscapes and the fire of the fiesta, Spain is an unmissable jewel in Europe's crown.

On our Spanish cruises, you'll discover a range of destinations from the visually dazzling Barcelona to the stylish and sophisticated Valencia, with many more alluring ports of call along the way.


Croatia cruises

From sweeping wilderness to bustling cities, Croatia's diverse landscape is just waiting for you to explore. Discover the heritage and glamour of its modern and vibrant coastline on a Celebrity Cruise.

The perfect blend of old and new

Croatia is one of the most eclectic and diverse countries in Europe. Its cities brim with the glitz and glamour of a 21st century metropolis, while a host of charming fishing villages root the country in a rustic charm.

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