It’s a cruise taken immediately after another cruise. For example, a Western Caribbean cruise, immediately followed by an Eastern Caribbean cruise. There are some points to bear in mind about consecutive cruises: there may be duplication of onboard programmes, menus and entertainment and also the ship has to be prepared between sailings so some onboard facilities may not be available on changeover day. On the changeover day, in order to comply with customs and immigration, you will need to disembark. You will also need to re-register your SeaPass® card before you board the ship again for your next cruise.

If you have booked the same stateroom for each sailing, you may leave your luggage in your stateroom. If you have booked different staterooms for each sailing, pack your luggage at the end of the first sailing and it will be placed in your new stateroom for you.

There are some specific US regulations which mean we can’t take bookings for consecutive sailings that start in one US port and finish in another unless they include a distant foreign port. If this is something you were planning, contact your Personal Cruise Specialist or your travel agent to check for further advice before making a booking. If a booking is made on this basis we must reserve the right to cancel it and refund to you the price paid.