The Club

A progressive, multi-purpose space that's been brought to life by amazing designer and architect Patricia Urquiola, who worked wonders in creating a versatile venue that will astound you no matter what time of day you visit.

Transformative from day to night


During the day, think of The Club as a gathering space where you can go to feel like part of the club. Game it up during the Rec Room series. Work your way through a changing maze of laser beams without getting zapped! Test you flying skills at Drone Hunting. Join one of our DJs at Soundbooth Revolution to learn the art of DJing.

Ever wanted to learn the art of archery? We’ve got you covered at The Club. There are so many things to do here during the day, it’s sure to become one of your favourite hangouts.


In the evening, The Club transforms into a place where talk shows, game shows, live music performances and DJs reign supreme. Pull up a seat at the bar and relax as a bystander or grab that cocktail and jump into the action as the evening’s events play out.

Then, when the kids are in bed, The Club transforms into a place of discovery and imagination. For instance, you’ll step through the futuristic body scanner of Andromeda at The Club and become someone else for the evening. This high energy, interactive diversion is the ultimate in role play experiences that lets you be someone else—just for the night.

And, of course, there’s dancing. Show us your best moves at our Hypno Cam party, where modern technology displays the group’s selfies Warhol-style on a giant LED screen behind the dance floor. One night in The Club will have you ready to come back for more. 

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