Adhereing to the norm isn’t normal for Becky. But then, as AVP of Entertainment, Becky’s role is about keeping things fresh, fun and fab at all times. Creative perfectionist, full time mum, and perhaps even the UK’s next big talk show host – the stage is set for Becky is Thomson-Foley.

Is your job as entertaining as it sounds?

Truly, you cannot do this job unless you love it. Unless entertaining people and making them happy is in your very core. The biggest misconception is how hard we work. Entertainers and innovators and creatives are perfectionists, they cannot stop until every little detail is in place and then seeing it come to life, going back and tweaking until absolutely perfect. But the joy that you feel when it is right is priceless and lives with you always.

What attracted you to the position?

Innovation - Celebrity commits to innovation and design and quality and depth in everything that we do, including entertainment. Keeping the status quo is not an option and that is why I am here. The belief that with every new concept, design, production and technical capability the performance can be something completely new. 

Your three desert island essentials are?

Music. Champagne. My family. 

Describe your typical day.

Well, there is no typical day! One day I may be in a finance meeting followed by a pitch by a production company with an idea for a new show followed by a call with a ship about entertainers  followed by feeling costume swatches for quality of material, approving a new lead cast member in a show, to a call from Kylie Minogues’ Director asking for music approval.  

And your typical day off?

Being with my Husband and Son, and calling my Mum.

What 3 words best describe Celebrity Cruises?

Innovative; Contemporary; Purposeful

What would be your dream job, other than the one you’re in of course?

I like the idea of being a talk show host, a life coach, a confidence trainer, or a full time Mum. 

What’s the best production you’ve seen this year?

Whipped Cream at The Metropolitan Opera House on Broadway

If you could recommend just one current Celebrity Cruises production to our members, what would it be and why? 

They all have a different emotion and soul which speaks to audience members differently for different reasons. However, I think it would have to be ‘Life’. This is a show that does bring out different emotions and speaks to different times in everyones life and yet exudes joy! From a creative standpoint, it is the music choices and simplicity of the set whilst executing very unique and uplifting choreography and vocals including live music. It checks all of the boxes for me.  

Have you ever been starstruck?

I was in a show with Wayne Sleep at the Prince Edward Theatre in London and Prince Edward was the Guest of Honor - he came to meet the cast and I spoke to him personally which was a real honor as I love the Royal Family.

What’s your favourite restaurant on board?

Qsine for the fun and Murano for the cheese and extensive service. 

Can you share any upcoming Celebrity entertainment news?

We are working on the next EDGE reveal as the public is so hungry for what is going to be happening on this incredible ship following a famously successful new ship launch, so more will be revealed soon!

Who would you cast as YOU in a movie?

Emily Blunt or Kristen Wig

Top tip for an aspiring Director of Entertainment?

Work hard, be nice, be brave, avoid drama and when you pick the right team, always appreciate them both privately and publicaly.