Celebrity Cruises have discovered a previously unknown island 720 nautical miles South West of Bermuda. Celebrity Cruises’ ship, Celebrity Escape, made the discovery and have baffled scientists and Bermuda Triangle fanatics. 

Celebrity Escape, currently sailing with 120 crew on-board and no guests, is used exclusively by Celebrity Cruises to research new destinations and itineraries that cruise travellers of the future might enjoy. The ship’s past escapades include test sailings in one of the world’s largest swimming pools at the San Alfonso del Mar resort in Algarrobo, Chile, and attempts to cruise between Southampton and New York in just three days.   

Early reports indicate that this previously unchartered and uninhabited island is one of the Caribbean’s last remaining hidden gems, complete with sandy beaches and idyllic bays. On board the ship, crew have broadcast images and videos of the newly discovered island on their social media accounts. 

Captain of Celebrity Escape and experienced Master with over 23 years of ocean-going service, Yilo Apradfolos, explained:

“Celebrity Escape is very much a pioneer ship that tests and explores new experiences but this is the first time that we have found a whole new destination. The entire crew is gobsmacked, and enjoying exploring the features of the island to ensure that we have truly unlocked one of the region’s last remaining paradises. I can report that the sand on the beaches is golden, and the afternoon light is ideal for shooting the perfect selfie.”

As yet, the island remains unnamed, but as the discoverer Celebrity Cruises has the honour of christening the remote archipelago. We’re looking for a contemporary name that captures the essence of event, as of today the front runner is April Fools Island.

Happy April Fools Day! While Island X hasn’t really been uncovered, you really will discover paradise in the Caribbean with Celebrity Cruises. Find out more about your Caribbean cruise and tweet your suggestion for Island X’s name using hashtag #IslandX.