There’s only one thing better than tucking into delicious local food on holiday, and that’s planning your itinerary on Instagram. Following foodie Instagrammers is not only a great way to get excited for your trip but to research and create a list of must-try dishes and restaurants.

Here we’ve put together a hand-picked selection of our favourite foodie Instagrammers from across the globe, who showcase delicacies from a traditional Neapolitan to Australian Tim Tam funnel cakes. Time to tuck in!

1. Girl Eat World @girleatworld

What do you do if you don't like taking selfies? You take pictures of your food, instead. Mel from Girl Eat World documents her travels through food photography and has amassed an impressive 397k followers doing so. Her most recent destinations include Taiwan, Bali, Japan and Singapore.

Her photos are bright, colourful and always feature her chosen delicacies centre-stage. She has a penchant for desserts (who doesn’t?), with one popular picture featuring a Japanese creampuff, oozing with Hokkaido cream and sprinkled with toasted almonds. There's also Takoyaki, a famous street food in Japan which features octopus, onion and ginger crammed into fried batter. If you’re planning on an Asian cruise, @girleatworld is a must-follow.  


2. Food Feels @food_feels

The face behind the @food_feels account is James, whose foodie adventures have taken him from London to Sydney and plenty of places in between. His stylish and artfully composed food shots have seen his following grow to 133k and counting.

Recent location spotlights on the Food Feels account include the Greek island of Santorini. The images perfectly capture the fresh whitewashed walls of the tavernas, the topsy-turvy streets and the pure cobalt of the ocean - but most of all, the beautiful simplicity of the island's seafood. Food Feels is an inspiring account to follow whether you're looking for recommendations on where to eat in London, or somewhere further afield.


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3. Foodcationing @foodcationing

The Foodcationing Instagram account celebrates big, hearty food - full plates of unadulterated indulgence and flavour. From New York subs oozing with molten cheese to decadent cakes adorned with fresh fruit and cream, each picture is hunger pang-inducing.

If you're planning a trip to the USA or Canada, this account is a must-follow. Recent shots show gooey-looking salted caramel and chocolate brioche from an iconic NY bakehouse, smores popsicles from a Vancouver ice cream shop, and supersize fried chicken burgers from Portland. 


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4. Tara Milk Tea @taramilktea

Get a taste of the foodie scene down under by following Tara of Tara Milk Tea. Hailing from Sydney, she regularly explores the culinary delights of her hometown as well as further afield. Her picture-perfect gastronomic exploits have seen her grow her following to a whopping 1 million. 

The food Tara photographs is vibrant, fresh, perfectly capturing the health-conscious yet hip and carefree vibe of Sydney. Expect creative toast toppings and arty lattes along with sweet treats like doughnuts and delicate patisserie. Your Australian brunch wish-list is about to get (a lot) longer. 


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5. Polabur @polabur

We’re all huge fans of northern Europe’s quaint architecture and ultra-cool street style, but now Russian-based Instagrammer Polabur is introducing us to its food, too. Among wanderlust-inducing shots of Copenhagen’s Nyhavn and the canals of Venice, you’ll find plenty of recommendations for brunch spots and must-try restaurants throughout Europe.

Recent posts include Amsterdam’s famous waffles, toasted to perfection and coated in sweet treats. You’ll also find out where in the city you can try unicorn breakfast bowls, and where to find the best coffee in Venice.  


6. Little House, Big Alaska @littlehousebigalaska

Laura, the lady behind Little House, Big Alaska, posts pictures of daily life in Alaska as well as nature snaps and, of course, her culinary creations and discoveries. She often uses local ingredients from Alaska’s wild and rugged landscape to make the delectable delights which feature on her Instagram account.

As well as inspiring you to discover Alaska’s up and coming food scene, it may just have you reaching for your recipe book. Our favourite recent posts include her raspberry oatmeal bars, carrot cake roll and ginger garlic shrimp. Come for the food, stay for the achingly beautiful Alaskan landscapes.


7. Faim Fatale @faimfatale

Deana's account is essential for cultivating that pre-holiday excitement before you set sail on your European or American and Canadian cruise. Her recent destinations include Barcelona, Los Angeles and Texas. There are also plenty of NYC recommendations, from the best authentic paella to Vietnamese delicacies.

She recently undertook a trip to Italy, and her latest posts have celebrated her love of big, bold pasta, cured meats and, of course, pizza. Find out where you can find the best slice in Naples, and just how satisfying a runny egg inside a ravioli can be.


If your taste-buds are tingling, start planning your next foodie trip by browsing our Alaskan, European, Asian and North American cruises.