When the days are long and the sun’s out, there’s nothing like relaxing with a refreshing summer drink. From Pimms and Aperol Spritz to a chilled glass of wine, everyone has their favourite drink of the season. To celebrate the summer and discover this year’s drinks trends, we’ve released our first Summer Drinks Report that looks at the most popular drinks of the summer months across the world. Not only is it a fascinating look at what the world is drinking, but it can also serve as the perfect inspiration for what to order when you’re on your travels. 

Champagne, the world's most instagrammed summer drink.

The report was compiled using Instagram data, because what better way to discover what people are drinking than by analysing what they’re posting to their ‘gram. All drinks-related posts (including wine, beer and cocktails) on Instagram were analysed from summer 2018 to pinpoint the most popular drinks that people were posting to their grid from country to country. By looking at the drinks that spike in popularity over the summer months, we reveal an interesting mix of tipples that people are enjoying in countries all over the world this holiday season. 

Worldwide Summer Drinks Trends

Wondering what the world is drinking this summer? Well, it’s champagne! There’s been a huge 618,151 posts of champagne on Instagram over the summer months this year worldwide. A drink that’s popular throughout the year, it maintains its Instagramability throughout the summer months too. Although not top of the list, Aperol Spritz can also make a strong claim as the world’s drink of the summer. Photos of the Italian aperitif spike massively during the summer months, with posts rising by a huge 154%. 

The World’s Most Instagrammed Summer Drinks:
1. Champagne - 618,151 posts
2. Whisky – 454,258 posts
3. Craft Beer – 453,920 posts
4. Tequila – 240,879 posts
5. Prosecco – 152,195 posts
6. Margaritas – 149,182 posts
7. Martinis – 111,548 posts
8. Sangria – 97,278 posts
9. Aperol Spritz – 90,796 posts
10. Mojitos – 88,235 posts

Which Countries Love These Summer Drinks The Most?

The report also revealed which countries are Instagramming this year’s most popular summer drinks the most. We looked at the number of mentions on Instagram of the top seven Instagrammed drinks of the summer, and pinpointed where these posts were coming from in the world. We crossed referenced this with the country’s population size to reveal the places the drinks which were being Instagrammed the most. Some of the results were quite surprising, for example traditional Italian drinks like prosecco and Negronis are actually more frequently Instagrammed in the UK and Australia rather than Italy, and France wasn’t the number one place in the world for posts of one of its most famous products, champagne.  

Europe Is Loving Sparkling Wine This Summer

In Europe, bubbles are taking centre stage this summer - with the top three most Instagrammed summer drinks being champagne, prosecco and Aperol Spritz (a prosecco-based cocktail). In fact, thanks to Europe's world-renowned wine industry, wine and wine-based drinks make up half of Europe’s top ten favourite drinks.

When you look at the results country by country, you can see that Aperol Spritz and craft beer are both dominating the continent when it comes to our most photographed summer drinks. The results also show that each countries’ national drinks are a big hit during the summer months; Spain’s sangria, Portugal’s port, France's champagne and Greece’s ouzo all take the top spot in their respective countries. 

Europe's Most Instagrammed Summer Drinks:
1. Champagne – 99,856 posts
2. Prosecco – 48,924 posts
3. Aperol Spritz – 46,913 posts
4. Whisky – 46,283 posts
5. Ale – 49,757 posts
6. Mojitos – 27,056 posts
7. IPA – 21,526 posts
8. Sangria – 21,497 posts
9. Martinis – 17,155 posts
10. Rose wine – 16,609 posts

The UK Still Can’t Get Enough of Prosecco 

It might not come as that much as a surprise, but the most Instagrammed drink of the season in the UK is the delicious sparkling wine from the Veneto region in Italy, prosecco. With nearly 30,000 posts on Instagram this summer from the UK, it’s taken the top spot above both champagne and whisky. 

When the data is broken down to city level, prosecco still comes out on top, in fact 17 cities in the UK have the delicious bubbly as their most photographed drink this summer. Perhaps unsurprisingly, Scotland’s most Instagrammed drink of the summer is whisky, with Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness all having the country’s famous spirit as their most photographed drink. Dundee was the only Scottish city to buck the trend, their drink of the season this year is champagne. 

UK’s Most Instagrammed Summer Drinks:
1. Prosecco – 29,357 posts
2. Champagne – 28,604 posts
3. Whisky – 20,525 posts
4. Ale – 12,683 posts
5. IPA – 9,668 posts
6. Aperol Spritz – 8,757 posts
7. Gin & Tonics – 7,501 posts
8. Martinis – 6,667 posts
9. Tequila – 4,838 posts
10. Lager – 4,425 posts

Champagne Tops the Charts For USA

Although champagne also takes the top spot for the most Instagrammed summer drink in the US, it’s interesting to see how beer appears far more frequently when you look at the results state by state. Well known beer-producing states like California, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania all have beer as their number one most photographed drink on the social media platform. With its famous wine scene, it’s no surprise that Oregon is one of seven states that has a wine as their top summer drink, with Pinot Noir coming out at the top spot. Hawaii is the only state to have a cocktail as their number one summer drink, with exotic Mai Tais being the most ‘grammed this summer. 

USA’s Most Instagrammed Summer Drinks:

1. Champagne – 353,738 posts
2. Craft Beer – 294,130 posts
3. Whiskey – 277,261 posts
4. Tequila – 161,626 posts
5. Bourbon – 128,283 posts
6. Margarita – 105,146 posts
7. Prosecco – 73,343 posts
8. Rose wine – 66,766 posts
9. Martinis – 63,692 posts
10. Sangria – 62,012 posts

Have you been inspired to sample some of the world’s most popular drinks on your next trip? Start planning your next Mediterranean, Northern Europe or US adventure now, or read up on the drinks we offer on ship.