Meet Amelia Singer. Along with co-host Joe Fattorini, Amelia hosts international hit series The Wine Show and is Celebrity Cruises' resident wine expert. Here, Amelia tells us about her favourite wines, delicious food pairings, the best wine holiday destinations, and even her favourite bottle to look out for onboard the Celebrity Cruises fleet.

How did your passion for wine develop?

I blame my European father! He would give me sip for dinner as a child and I was asked to describe what I could taste and if I liked it. He tried the same thing with my sister, but it didn’t work so he focused his attention on me. Growing up we always had wine with our dinner (I was only allowed a glass when I was a teenager), but he always wanted us to be surrounded with interesting wines from all around the world and to realise wine is meant to be paired with good food and good conversation.

What is your favourite food and wine pairing?

Oooh, I really love bubbles. And if you have bubbles you should contrast it with something like a hot dog or fish chips, because the fatty fried foods  pair really well with the crisp bubbles. It’s really yummy and decadent too. Fish and chips with bubbles!

Red or white?

I would choose white wines which could be red in terms of ageability. Complex and fully bodied like a white Châteauneuf-du-Pape or white Pruitt, or even some white Portuguese wines - you know, something which has concentration of fruits so it will have that extra kind of body, structure and tastiness. 

What's your favourite holiday destination for wine?

Probably California because that’s also where my family live. California does wine hospitality and tourism so well and the region is so varied - you can grow all kind of grapes there, everyone’s super friendly and super collaborative, and the fresh produce you get in California is amazing.

Who are your dream dinner party guests?

Jamie Cullum. I love jazz and I think he would be a fantastic performer and I hope he’d have a piano there that I could jump and dance on as he played. I really love female journalist and podcaster Dolly Alderton too; she’s hilarious, smart and really cool. And I’d invite Oscar Wilde, I think he would be quite fun!

What is your favourite wine onboard Celebrity Cruises?

This is a hard one! I really love the Eroica Riseling which is from Washington State - it’s really special and you never really see it in the UK, so for me it was such a joy to see it. That’s what I love about Celebrity Cruises - they have a great American offering which is very hard and normally very expensive to get in the UK. It’s also one of those very flexible wines, so you can have it with your fusion and sushi food at Sushi on 5 or with a cheese board at a wine bar, or you can enjoy it by itself. It’s just a really beautiful elegant wine.

Have you cruised before?

No. I must admit, before I started working with Celebrity Cruises it’s something I had just never even thought about. The first time I boarded a Celebrity Cruises ship I was just amazed by what a luxurious experience it is and how there really is something for everyone. It’s such a fun way to see the world, but you can also enjoy all the comforts from home. I’ve announced this to my sister and my best friends and now they all love it too - and they weren’t cruisers before!