Culture, nightlife and endless summer days.

Florida is more cultural than a lot of people realise - and has been home to a number of famous authors such as Robert Frost and Ernest Hemingway. It’s also famed for its wildlife – with osprey and eagles, tarpon and dolphins being notable residents. 

We take you to the sophisticated Fort Lauderdale, where the lively nightlife, world-class restaurants and endless beaches make it hard to leave. You’ll also discover the irrepressible spirit of Miami, the glamour of which never ceases to attract visitors.

Whether you choose to soak up the weather from the top deck of your Celebrity Cruises ship or would prefer to venture out into any one of our Florida ports of call, we guarantee that your Florida cruise will be bring you lasting memories.


Florida is divided into two climactic zones: north (warm) and south (tropical).  On the whole though, the climate in Florida is humid and sub-tropical. Summers are long, hot and humid – so if you visit during June, July or August make sure to bring very loose and light layers, a sunhat and plenty of sun protection.


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