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There’s just something about Liverpool, whether it’s the infectiously cheerful spirit of its residents, its impressive musical pedigree or its glut of oh-so photogenic buildings. This busy metropolis in the northwest of England was the starting point for one of the most revered and well-known bands in history: the Beatles. You can learn more about the band’s origins at The Beatles Story Museum, which contains a replica of the Cavern Club where the band played close to 300 times, as well as the studio in Abbey Road where the Beatles’ very first songs were recorded. You won’t be able to walk past the grand cathedral without going in on one of our Liverpool cruises. It was designed by the same man responsible for the iconic red telephone box, Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, and features a distinctive neo-Gothic style. Feeling energetic? Climb up the tower to gaze upon the city. If it’s sunny and clear, you might even be able to spy Blackpool Tower in the distance. Before leaving Liverpool, take a walk along the city’s revitalised waterfront. The Royal Albert Dock has been transformed into an impressive complex of restaurants, bars and shops you can easily lose yourself in for an afternoon.