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Introducing Edinburgh’s edgier, grittier sibling. Glasgow perches on Scotland’s west coast and revels in a distinctively cool, devil-may-care charm. One of the first things you’ll notice about the city on Glasgow cruises is the architecture; most of the buildings proudly showcase a grand Victorian style, while some feature the nature-inspired hallmarks of Glaswegian native Charles Rennie Mackintosh, such as the Queen’s Cross Church. The many shopping districts in the city mean it attracts those seeking retail therapy from all over Scotland. Start in the West End to find vintage boutiques and record stores, or head to the Argyll Arcade for jewellery shopping. Fancy stretching your legs? Take a walk along the Clyde River in the fresh Glaswegian breeze. There’s even a walking route which extends 40 miles to New Lanark – the 10-mile portion winding through Glasgow will slowly unravel some of the city’s secret corners. If you fancy a bit of a slower pace, check out the galleries of the West End. The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, made from distinctive red sandstone, is a treasure trove of fine art, impressionist works, children’s exhibits and much more. Afterwards, drop into a traditional pub for a dram of whiskey or to try out some local ales.