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There are few sights in the British Isles – or indeed the world – quite so iconic and evocative as the white cliffs of Dover. They’re an enduring symbol of the British spirit during wartime and are the first glimpse of Britain offered to travellers arriving from across the Channel. There’s plenty more to discover on one of our Dover cruises, too, such as the 2000-year-old Dover Castle. It was built to protect the coast from invaders, and its distinctive features include a network of secret tunnels created in wartime and a Great Tower with 7m-thick walls, that’s now filled with exhibits which detail the castle’s history all the way back to Henry II. If you’ve got a taste for the history of this fascinating destination, learn more at the Dover Museum. The highlight here is without doubt a Bronze Age boat which dates back 3600 years. Then there’s the Roman Lighthouse, which is the oldest standing building in the whole of Britain, having been on this spot since approximately AD 50. There’s also a Roman Painted House to check out, a bunker which houses murals of the Alps which date back to Roman times. Lastly, don’t miss the Saxon Church, which you’ll find near the castle.