Spanish culture, sandy beaches, unsung charm.

Often overlooked as holidaymakers head further round the coast, the city port of Malaga is something if a hidden gem on the Costa del Sol. It offers everything you would want from a Spanish holiday, from sun-soaked beaches to art and culture and, of course, lots of lovely tapas!

Must-see highlights on your Malaga cruise include the magnificent Alcazabar, the best-preserved Moorish fortress in Spain, which towers over the city from its hilltop location. Malaga is also home to the Museo Picasso featuring many rare works by the locally born artist.

After exploring the city, refreshments are a joy at one of the many tapas bars, where you can while away a happy hour or two, with a jug of Sangria. If that leaves you feeling a little sleepy, head for the beach and take a snooze where the chatter around you will be distinctly Spanish.

Weather & what to pack

The south coast of Spain is always pleasantly warm, and during summer can reach 30 degrees Celsius or more. Pack light summer clothes with a sun hat to shade you. Rain is not likely so save the additional space for your beachwear. For Malaga cruises in the winter, a light cardigan or jumper is a good idea for the evenings.


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