Nightlife, medieval charm, beautiful beaches.

You might expect Ibiza to be an all-night party isle - and it’s true, you can find this in Ibiza. But there is so much else to discover. With overnight stays on selected itineraries you'll have time to delve into the real Ibiza of secluded coves, stunning architecture, a rich history and unique cuisine - different to that of the Spanish mainland - including its own digestif, hierbas.

On your Ibiza cruise, head away from the tourist spots to the surprisingly peaceful old town, delightfully and lovingly preserved – in fact, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Family-friendly shops and restaurants, combined with relatively undiscovered beaches such as Las Salinas mean that you’ll find a haven of tranquillity you’d never associate with Ibiza.

If you’ve spent months daydreaming about sandy, white beaches, you’ll be spoilt for choice with Ibiza’s 80+ beaches. Go on – feel the hot sand beneath your toes and cool off in the clear waters. You deserve it!

Weather & what to pack

Ibiza enjoys a Mediterranean climate, and starts to heat up for the summer in May, with temperatures hovering in the mid-twenties. The hottest months to visit Ibiza are August and September, when you’ll find it’s often over 30 degrees Celsius.

On your Ibiza cruise, you’ll need to bring beachwear and loose cotton clothing. If you’re visiting during one of the cooler months, a light jumper or cardigan is a good idea for chilly evenings.


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