The stark grandeur of Russia and the impossibly picturesque Scandinavia make a unique and memorable combination you’ll only experience on a Scandinavia and Russia cruise.


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Russia highlights: natural wonders, architectural gems, arts and culture

On a Scandinavia and Russia cruise, enjoy different cultures, sample distinct local flavours and marvel at a host of natural wonders. Our Scandinavia and Russia cruises are designed to transport you out of the ordinary, from the awe-inspiring fjords of Norway to the history written into the buildings of St. Petersburg in Russia.

Culture and architecture both old and new are to be found on your cruise to Russia and Scandinavia. En route we explore the fairy tale streets of Bruges, and in Norway, prepare yourself for the amazing Oslo Opera House, which drops you straight into the 21st Century.

A selection of shore excursions includes an Archipelago Speed Boat Adventure in Helsinki and a Walking Tour of St. Petersburg, enjoying the city’s architectural highlights, including the Russian Orthodox Church and Menshikov Palace, and walking along the pretty canal to the bustling Square of Arts.

Weather & what to pack

Summer temperatures are not too different to those in the UK, perhaps being slightly cooler on average. There is a reasonable chance of rainfall, particularly in St. Petersburg, so a waterproof jacket is advisable Pack layers including and cardigans and jumpers for the summer evenings, and coats for the colder months.


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