Botanical wonders, beautiful Levadas, quiet escapism.

Made up of 4 small islands, Madeira is renowned for its natural beauty – the volcanic soil here is so fertile that most things can grow wild and free. Out of the wilderness, a number of formal gardens have been carved – enjoy the serenity and beauty of the Palheiro Gardens in the hills above the capital of Funchal.

On your Madeira cruise, discover the Levadas - mini canals created as irrigation systems in the 16th century, which snake their way across the mountains, covering 2500km. You can embark on a number of Levada walks and absorb the peaceful natural beauty of rural Madeira.

The laidback pace of life and restorative atmosphere of Madeira allows you to rediscover a sense of inner calm. H N Coleridge, nephew of the poet Samuel Taylor Coleridge, mused that “Madeira ensures every European comfort with almost every tropical luxury”. This sums up Madeira – it is familiar and welcoming, yet also offers an exotic charm.

Weather & what to pack

Madeira is the perfect holiday destination for many reasons, but mainly because of its pleasant and temperate climate which tends not to vary too much from season to season. Typical temperatures reach 24 degrees Celsius in the summer and 18 degrees Celsius in the winter. On your Madeira cruise, it’s a good idea to pack sturdy walking shoes, especially if you’d like to try walks along the Levadas. Light, cotton layers will ensure you keep cool in the heat.


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