Ornate architecture, outstanding natural beauty, unique cuisine.

The breath-taking capital of Oman will open your mind and steal your heart. When you cruise into this Arabian dream you’ll be seduced by its richness and warmth.

Oman is not competing with its flamboyant Arabian neighbours to build ever taller buildings and so retains its charm in its arabesque architecture. Islamic domes, intricate mosaics and colourful glass pay homage to the past, and old Portuguese forts sit side-by-side with modern homes and businesses.
Marvel at the majestic Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, the Riyam Monument (a striking frankincense burner statue located high on the Muttrah hillside), the National Museum of Oman and the modern Royal Opera House. On a less grand scale, small shops and stalls beckon with intriguing artefacts and novelties.

The cuisine here is rich in flavour, honouring traditional ingredients including dates, spices (cardamom, saffron, cinnamon) citrus, mint, rice and marinated meat such as lamb, beef and goat. 


Oman enjoys year round sun, with mild winters, around 21 degrees, rising to almost 40 degrees in summer. Sunblock, hats and sunglasses are essential. Don’t forget swimwear and snorkels as the sea is warm and calm.

Pack loose, lightweight clothing. To respect the culture, women should cover knees and shoulders when in public places. Mosques have their own etiquette and often provide a full length dress and scarf for visitors. It is also worth packing something light and waterproof.


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