You'll be seduced by this progressive country which still retains its Arabesque charm. Oman is a beguiling country steeped in history with a stunning natural landscape.


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Oman highlights: beautiful cities, ancient culture, deserts and mountains

From the shimmering white city of Muscat to the vast Wahiba sands, Oman is a wondrous sight and its friendly culture, ancient heritage and blue skies will capture your heart. 

Oman blends the ancient and the modern with style and grace. A modern infrastructure links affluent cities with traditional villages. The cities themselves have everything that you would expect of a forward-looking nation, including world class bars and restaurants. And yet, surrounded by Arabesque architecture, you are immersed into a culture that has survived centuries.

Must-see landmarks on your Oman Cruise are the majestic Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque, the Riyam Monument in Muscat, the Al Hajar Mountains and the vast dunes of the Wahiba sands

After some leisurely sightseeing, head for one of the glorious, immaculate beaches for some diving or snorkelling in the Arabian Sea.

Weather & what to pack

Oman has a sub-tropical climate, with year round sun.  Winters are warm, at around 21 degrees, and summers are hot, rising to almost 40 degrees. Pack sunblock, hats and sunglasses as well as swimwear and snorkels for the warm seas.

Pack lightweight, loose clothing, and remember that in order to respect the culture of this beautiful country, women should keep knees and shoulders covered – a sensible move given the fierce sun. Headwear should be worn in the mosques and this is often provided. 


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