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Olden cruises seamlessly combine a laidback village experience with the breathtaking beauty of Norway. Walk a short distance from the harbour where we make port to find a bustling town centre, filled with quaint shops and cafes where you can kick back and refuel before exploring. The 150km-long Nordfjord is just over an hour’s drive from Olden, stretching from glacier to ocean. The fjord is framed by towering mountains, thousands of feet high with steep sides peppered by waterfalls. A RIB ride through the centre is an adrenaline-fuelled way to explore this slice of majestic scenery. Nordfjord is also home to the Jostedalsbreen Glacier, which is the biggest in all of mainland Europe. It’s within a larger national park, which covers over 1,310 square kilometres. Take the opportunity to go hiking or glacier walking in the brisk Norwegian air. 

The peaceful village of Loen is only six minutes’ drive from Olden. While here, make sure to ride the Loen Skylift, which ascends 1011m up the side of Mount Hoven to offer sweeping views of the fjord as well as the surrounding mountains and villages. If you’re feeling energetic, you can also choose to hike around Mount Hoven once you’ve reached the top.