Flam, Norway

The picturesque village of Flåm is your base for exploring Norway’s majestic fjords and epic landscapes. Perching at the head of Aurlandsfjorden and just beside Sognefjord, Flåm is home to some of the most spectacular scenery Norway has to offer. 

On our northern Europe cruises, we’ll take you sailing to Flåm, putting you right in the heart of the fjords that make these cruises so popular. Read on to find out how to make the most of your stopover in Flåm before we depart, from unforgettable rail journeys to magnificent viewpoints. 

1. The Flåm Railway (Flåmsbana)

Start your day by checking out what’s perhaps Flåm’s most famous attraction – a scenic railway journey (considered one of the most beautiful in the world) which runs from the tip of Aurlandsfjord high up into the surrounding mountains. Along the way, you’ll be treated to views of the deep blue fjords, snow-caped mountains and mysterious waterfalls.

2. Railway Museum

Find out more about the railway at the museum, which lets you in on the challenges involved with building the world’s steepest railway back in 1924. Browse the original rail inspection trolleys, an authentic shunting machine and pictures of how life looked in this little Norwegian town nearly a hundred years ago.

3. Rjoandefossen

After stopping for a rejuvenating coffee (and maybe a pastry or two) at nearby Flåm Bakery, it’s time to discover one of the most impressive waterfalls in the area. Rjoandefossen is around 3km south of Flåm, and has a total height of 310m. A refreshing way to finish your morning.

4. Bakkastova Café

When it’s time to stop for lunch, check out Bakkastova Café, back in the centre of Flåm. This café specialises in traditional food, lovingly made. There’s an outdoor terrace for when the sun’s shining, and a roaring fireplace for when you need to warm up frosty fingers. 

5. Fjord Cruises

Once you’ve filled up on delicious fare, head out on a boat cruise to discover the true majesty of the fjords. Nearby Nærøyfjord, part of Sognefjord, is a UNESCO World Heritage-listed site, and its relatively small size (500m wide in parts) makes it the ideal spot to explore when you only have a day. Breathe in the fresh valley air and enjoy a landscape that’s remained relatively untouched for many centuries.


6. Flåm Church

If you like to get your culture fix at each destination we visit, leave time to visit the fascinating Flåm church. Located in the verdant Flåm Valley, this historic stave church has a traditional and striking design, with dark wood and a pointed roof. It was first constructed in 1667, and is the site where a Knight’s cloak dating back to 1300 was found.

7. Stegastein Viewpoint

The best place to catch the sunset in Flåm is the Stegastein Viewpoint, which offers 360 degree views of the stunning surrounding landscapes. The platform pokes out 30m from the mountainside, and hovers 650m above Aurlandsfjord. Hulking mountains rise up out of the placid water, surrounded by emerald firs. It’s just the place for taking an impressive photo or just taking the time out to relax and bask in Norway’s natural beauty.

8. Flåm Zipline

Fancy getting that adrenaline pumping? Head to the longest zipline in all of Scandinavia. Spanning a thrill-inducing 1,381 metres, it begins near the Flåm Railway, taking you zooming over Flåm Valley, and ending at Kårdalen. 

9. Flåmstova Restaurant

End your day with a meal in the charming and rustic Flåmstova Restaurant. The contemporary menu celebrates locally sourced ingredients, such as fish fetched straight from the fjord and vegetables and herbs from the nearby mountainsides. In a cosy atmosphere of original stone walls and toasty fireplaces, enjoy a glass of wine and your last views of Flåm before we sail on to our next destination.

Why not explore the village of Flåm for yourself? Get your camera and hiking shoes at the ready, and browse our northern Europe and Norwegian cruises now.