Norwegian Skillingsboller

We all love French crepes, Spanish churros and Danish pastries but little is known about the delicious desserts of Norway. Now we can put that to rights with our guide to 6 of the best Norwegian sweet treats.

A trip to Norway may be on your bucket list for many reasons; the stunning fjords, the snow-laden mountains and of course the spectacle of the northern lights. But here is another, under-reported, highlight to add to your list – the sweetest, most luscious desserts imaginable.

Norway’s cold, clean air has its benefits – berries, such as lingonberries and cloudberries ripen with intense flavour, fruit and nuts are plentiful and cream is the product of small scale farming where the emphasis is on quality rather than quantity. Add to that the liberal use of cardamom and cinnamon and you have comfort food that warms up the coldest Norwegian day.

If you have a sweet tooth, a sense of adventure and a love for discovering new cuisines and cultures, this is the list for you and Norway is the country for your next Celebrity cruise

The Scandinavians, perhaps owing to their cold climate, have a concept of contented cosiness, a warm sociable state helped along by hot chocolate and cakes, for which there is no English translation. The Danish call it ‘hygge’ and in Norway it is ‘kos.’  It is a warmth that we hope these deliciously spiced traditional sweet treats bring you. And when you have finished eating, simply say ‘tak for maten’ - thank you for the food.

With six of the most delicious desserts to work your way through, it’s time to book your Norwegian cruise for the sweetest of journeys.