Treasured, scenic, nature-loving.

One of Bergen’s main attractions is its proximity to some of the most beautiful fjords in Norway – the largest, Sognefjord, is just one of them. It’s a great starting point to explore what has been voted as the World’s Most Unspoiled Tourist Destination by National Geographic. Remember your camera – the sights are pretty spectacular. Cycling and kayaking are other popular ways to witness Bergen’s scenic surroundings. 

Back in the city centre, you’ll find the renowned Bergen Aquarium as well as the lively fish market, where you can also find fruit and veg and a wide range of souvenirs. 
Bergen is picturesque enough to warrant an afternoon’s peaceful wandering. The listed wooden buildings erupt with flowers at every corner, and the mountainous backdrop will fill many a photo album.

weather & what to pack

Bergen has a temperate climate and actually enjoys the warmest winters out of all cities in the Nordic countries thanks to the Gulf Stream.

On your Bergen cruise, make sure to pack a warm jumper or cardigan in case of any cold spells, your camera and a day pack to keep all of your belongings safe while you’re out exploring.


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