Oslo, Norway

In addition to our sun-soaked cruises to the Mediterranean and the Caribbean, we offer Northern European and Baltic cruises. The latter is intriguing for many, and the name doesn’t give much away. So, what exactly is a Baltic cruise

In this post, we’ll take you through some of the fascinating countries studded along these routes, the highlights to discover along the way, and why we think a Baltic cruise should come top of your holiday wish list. Ready to set sail?
Where does a Baltic cruise go?

Essentially, a Baltic cruise covers the northernmost regions in Europe – from Scandinavian countries such as Sweden and Denmark to Russia and Estonia. This diversity ensures you’ll be treated to a treasure trove of culture and history along the way – every day is different. On a Baltic cruise, here are some of the most common destinations you can look forward to visiting: Russia, Berlin, Norway, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Poland, and Estonia.

Highlights of a Baltic cruise:

St. Petersburg, Russia

Be a culture vulture in St. Petersburg

Many of our Baltic cruises overnight in St Petersburg – which was originally constructed as a visual homage to Imperial Russia. Today, it’s a hub of jaw-dropping and ornate palaces, refined canals and countless museums and art galleries.

During your time in St. Petersburg, don’t miss the Hermitage, the largest museum in St Petersburg. It was founded in 1764 and is now home to arguably the world’s best art collection. Next, take a tour around some of the city’s historic monuments – including Peter the Great’s summer palace, Peterhof, and Yusupov Palace – the place where Rasputin was poisoned. Finally, visit in May or June to witness the legendary White Nights, when the sun doesn't set, and festivities fill the city streets.

Berlin, Germany

Soak up history in Berlin

Berlin has a rich history, the scars of which are still visible throughout the city today. You can explore what remains of the Berlin Wall, witness Checkpoint Charlie, and visit the Brandenburg Gate.

However, Berlin looks to the future, not just the past – the city has a lively energy that’s best experienced at any one of its sprawling parks or rooftop bars as the sun sets.

Helsinki, Finland

Break the mould in Helsinki

Helsinki fizzes with its own colourful and very unique charm. Its design scene is generally seen as one of the most established and forward thinking in the world – this is obvious everywhere from its immersive art galleries (check out the Anteneum) to the art nouveau architecture which still lines its streets and squares.

Helsinki is also knotted with waterways, islands, and bays, meaning it has a fascinating geography which lends itself perfectly to an afternoon of exploring. Don’t miss Suomenlinna, otherwise known as the "Fortress of Finland". Spanning a number of islands crossable by bridges, this UNESCO World Heritage site comprises museums, bunkers and fortress walls.

Stockholm, Sweden

Get in touch with nature in Stockholm

Located on a sprawling archipelago of 14 islands, Stockholm has a seriously outdoorsy side. We often overnight in the city, so you’ll have plenty of chances to explore. Why not boost your adrenaline with a RIB ride through the islands, a cycle the waterfront streets or getting out on a kayak?

Back in the city centre, make sure to visit Gamla Stan, Stockholm’s old town, whose meandering streets and historic architecture look to be taken straight from a fairy-tale.

Oslo, Norway

Admire architecture in Oslo

Pay Norway's capital a visit to discover an architectural landscape where the old sits beside the new in seamless harmony. Even industrial areas are being revitalised and transformed into hubs of culture and vibrant nightlife.

Check out the Vulkan area, which has taken root in a series of old buildings on the river Akerselva. For a taste of historic Oslo, head to the Old Aker Church, the city's oldest building dating back to 1150, or The Royal Palace.

Why go on a Baltic cruise?

Adventure on your doorstep

You don’t need to travel far to find an escape from the everyday. Thanks to the proximity of the Baltic region to the UK, you spend less time travelling, and more time exploring fascinating destinations.


Few other routes encompass quite so much diversity as out Baltic cruises. One day you could be relaxing at a rooftop bar in Berlin, and shopping at a handcraft market in Helsinki the next. So many unique countries are packed in a relatively small space in Northern Europe, meaning you can experience a variety of histories and cultures in a way that’s easy and accessible. 

Arts and culture

This is the cruise for culture vultures, as we’ll take you sailing to some of the world’s most well-known hubs of design and art. From the Kon-Tiki Museum in Oslo to the island-based Seurasaaren Ulkomuseo in Helsinki, it’s impossible to discover it all during just one visit.

Discover the diversity of Northern Europe for yourself on one of our Baltic cruises