The Netherlands is a scenic, culturally rich country and Amsterdam is its beautiful capital. It is known for its colourful tulip fields, cycling routes and picturesque windmills.


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Netherlands highlights: scenic, colourful, cultural

The Netherlands, or Holland, as it is also known, is beloved for many reasons, including its significance to Europe’s art, culture and history. Amsterdam is home to many galleries and museums, most notably the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum and Anne Frank’s House. 

Back outside, Amsterdam is one of the best places on the planet to ride a bike due to its dedicated routes and picturesque trails. Explore the city at your own pace with our Amsterdam cruise deals, and discover this city's colourful past. Our guests are always delighted to find that Amsterdam is a vibrant, cultural and beautiful city.

The shore excursions on your Netherlands cruise open a new perspective on this delightful country. Enjoy our Grand Tour of Holland or our Journey to Delft for a window onto the 17th century.

Weather & what to pack

The best times to visit the Netherlands are in spring (May and June) or summer (July, August and September), when the temperatures range from mild to warm. The coolest month in Amsterdam is January, and the wettest is November.

Depending on the date of your Netherlands cruise, make sure you pack light cotton layers and some warmer jumpers for cooler evenings. A waterproof jacket is also a good idea - there’s always a chance of seeing rain in the Netherlands!


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