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Explore dazzling culture, rich history and mouth-watering cuisine with our luxury Mediterranean cruises.

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Discover incredible destinations in the Mediterranean.

With our Mediterranean cruises the wonders of this beautiful region are closer than you think. When you sail with us, we set off from Southampton as well Rome, Barcelona, Lisbon and Venice. From then on, it’s a voyage of kaleidoscopic colour and flavour, ranging from Venice’s snake-like canals to the volcanic landscapes of the Canary Islands. Plus, with our Edge series of ships, including new Celebrity Apex℠  sailing the Mediterranean you'll feel closer to the destination than ever before, thanks to their revolutionary outward facing design. 

So what makes the Mediterranean so diverse? With coastlines on three continents, the Mediterranean Sea is the perfect crossroads between Europe, Asia and Africa. As a result, it’s a bewitching palette of cultures and terrains. Whether you’re looking for a romantic getaway or a family Mediterranean cruise, our diverse 7-14 night sailings across the Eastern and Western Mediterranean offer plenty of exciting sailings to choose from.

It’s tricky to choose highlights, but with our Mediterranean crusie deals you won't be able to resist the idyllic Amalfi coast in Italy or the hedonistic indulgence of Monaco, St.Tropez and the French Riviera. Our Greek Islands cruises unfurl secrets of mankind’s earliest civilisations and who can resist exploring the white washed cliffs of Santorini. On an Adriatic cruise, you’ll discover Croatia’s formidable walls hide gothic towns, teeming with history.

Low Airfares on 2021 Europe Flights

Low Airfares on 2021 Europe Flights


The Retreat®

The Retreat®

Experience The Retreat on Celebrity Edge® sailing the Mediterranean

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Mediterranean Highlights


Take a step back in time on a Mediterranean cruise. Dating back to the Roman empire, its unique cities are like a museum of living history. It’s also one of the most densely populated regions for UNESCO World Heritage sites in the world. Some of the most iconic sites include the Vatican City, home to the Catholic church, the Acropolis of Athens as well as the leaning tower of Pisa, famous for its 4 degree lean. Not forgetting the many breath-taking towns and villages, from Dubrovnik Old Town to the colourful houses and harbours of Cinque Terre.


Few other regions can rival the Mediterranean’s rich blend of millennia old cultural treasures, cutting edge fashion or beautiful architecture. From Gaudi’s masterpieces in Barcelona to the grand Renaissance buildings that line the skyline of Florence, its beauty lies in its diversity. Try Flamenco in its birthplace, Seville or take a romantic Gondola ride in Venice along its famed canals. The region is also home to plenty of magnificent galleries and museums where you can find both classic and contemporary works of art. Experience La Dolce Vita on our Mediterranean cruises.

Natural Wonders

With coastlines on three continents, the Mediterranean has no shortage of beauty spots. Greece is well known for its whitewashed vistas and relaxed way of life, whilst on the Italian riviera you’ll find charming villages and yacht lined harbours. In Capri, don’t miss a tour of the Blue Grotto, its luminescent waters are simply magical. Take an Adriatic cruise and you’ll discover some of Croatia’s best beaches and national parks such as Krka. Its cascading waterfalls and tranquil pool offer the perfect spot to cool off and what better way to end the day than admiring the spectacular sunsets or orange, red and pinks In Ibiza.


With influences from Africa, the middle East and with so many local specialities and traditional favourites, Mediterranean cuisine is diverse yet beautifully simple. Think Spanish tapas, pizza in Naples, Greek souvlaki and some of the freshest seafood. When it comes to wine, the Mediterranean has a long standing heritage. Why not visit the rolling vineyards of the Douro Valley in Portugal to sample some of its finest. Plus, with the Mediterranean diet long being hailed as being one of the world’s healthiest, you can indulge guilt free.

Mediterranean Destinations

Discover the many sides of this breathtaking region, each with it's own personality, cuisine and scenery.




From the glamourous Côte d'Azur to romance in Paris, France offers so much to see and do from picture perfect villages such as Eze to cosy bistros, stunning beaches as well as culture and history in spades.


A Spain cruise will take you to the highlights of this vibrant and beautiful country. From the crown jewel; Barcelona, to the stunning cities of Seville and Valencia to name just a few or the shores of the Balearic Islands.


On our Portuguese cruises we visit the captivating cities of Lisbon and Porto (best known for its wine). Spend your days exploring these fascinating cities or relaxing along their stunning beaches.


Italy is brimming with cultural treasures, world class art, rich history and exceptional cuisine. From  Naples and Venice to Florence and Portofino you’ll discover some of Italy’s most spectacular destinations on a cruise with us.


From bustling Athens where you can take in thousands of years of history, to the picture-perfect Greek Islands, enjoy dramatic sunsets, local village life and azure seas. A cruise to Greece is idyllic.


Discover a wealth of treasures on a cruise along the Dalmatian coast. From red roofed Dubrovnik offering a glimpse into the old world, to quaint fishing villages and natural wonders at the Plitvice national park.


Discover royal palaces and beautiful architecture, a Grand Prix circuit and the world’s most prestigious casino at the world-renowned Monte Carlo.


Valletta (the capital of Malta) is where we stop on this island nation which gives you plenty of time to explore the UNESCO listed city which is packed full of sights. 


On our Montenegro cruises we stop at the beautiful port of Kotor. Surrounded by mountains, enjoy lunch by overlooking the bay, before strolling its cobbled streets, museums, cafes and Venetian palaces. 


On our Slovenia cruises we stop at Koper located on the Adriatic coast. It's the perfect introduction to this beautiful yet understated country. A hidden gem wander it’s medieval town with Venetian influences.


Straddling Europe and Asia, in Turkey you’ll discover a dazzling fusion of vibrant cultures and cuisines to savour, as well breathtaking coastlines, Grand Bazaars and Ottoman heritage. On our Turkey cruises we visit Istanbul and Kusadasi.


Discover ancient history, religion and unique culture on an Eastern Med cruise to the holy land. Our Israel ports of call include Jerusalem and Haifa (Ashdod), one of the country’s most picturesque cities.

Canary Islands

Havens of year-round sunshine, the Canary Islands are beautifully diverse. Enjoy lazy days on palm lined beaches, discover vibrant arts scenes, or get active by exploring volcanoes, sand dunes or take a vineyard tour.


Legend has it the Azores are all that’s left of the ‘lost empire’ Atlantis. Today you’ll find wild captivating wildlife and dramatic landscapes of volcanoes, lakes and rolling hills, showcasing its otherworldly beauty.


With both French and Italian influences Corsica is a unique port of call. Explore the old town of Ajaccio, take a boat tour or head to some of the Islands popular beaches.


Southampton, UK

A Mediterranean cruise from Southampton offers the ultimate convenience. Discover a rich mix of culture, heritage, fantastic cuisine and beaches, across a diverse range of sunny destinations between April and October. From Spain, France, Portugal and Italy to the Canary Islands and Madeira.

Barcelona, Spain

With beautiful architecture, sandy beaches, and a mouth-watering food scene, Spain’s second city dosen’t disappoint. A Mediterranean cruise from Barcelona allows you to explore some of the most popular destinations across Western Mediterranean, as well as the Greek Islands and Canaries.

Venice, Italy

A city of bridges and winding canals, on select Mediterranean itineraries we stay overnight in Venice allowing you to explore for longer. On a Mediterranean cruise from Venice highlights include the paradisiacal Greek Islands, Croatia as well as some of Italy’s most spectacular coastal destinations.


The best time to visit the Mediterranean, with Celebrity Cruises.

Summer is the busiest time in the Mediterranean, and the weather can reach very high temperatures. For a quieter and more comfortable experience, take a Mediterranean cruise between May and June or September and October. During these months, temperatures remain high, but the tourist crowds will be fewer. Between November and February, the weather becomes a lot cooler and wetter.

There are plenty of events and festivals taking place in the region to mark on your calendar. The Festa del Redentore happens in Venice and dates back to the 1500s as a way to give thanks for the end of the plague. July sees boats cluster in the lagoons, from which revellers can eat, drink and watch the impressive firework display. Cruise the Mediterranean in 2021

Ships Visiting The Mediterranean


Celebrity Apex is the second ship in our highly anticipated Edge® series. With an innovative outward-facing design and visionary spaces, Celebrity Apex will revolutionise the way you experience the world.

Occupancy: 2,910




Celebrity Edge® marks a turning point in our approach to ship design. Every step was done in 3-D. From the incredible new Magic Carpet® to the private plunge pools in our new 2-story Edge Villas, we've designed a ship which allows you to feel more connected to the sea and destinations you visit in complete luxury. 

Inaugural Date: December 2018 /  Occupancy: 2,908




Fresh from her luxurious upgrade as part of the Celebrity Revolution℠ - a $500-million investment to take all of our ships to the edge, Celebrity Silhouette® boasts reimagined accomodations, the addition of The Retreat®, which is our exclusive experience for Suite class guests as well as sleek new restaurants, lounges and public spaces. 

Inaugural Date: 23 July, 2011 /  Revolution Date: 14 February, 2020 / Occupancy: 2,902




The youngest ship in Solstice Class, Celebrity Reflection® boasts stylish accomodation and a whole host of exciting venues. From the Lawn Club where you can play games or soak up the ocean views on 1/4 acre of real grass to the invigorating spa and world class restaurants, bars and lounges. 

Inaugural Date: 12 October 2012  / Revolution Date: Coming Soon /  Occupancy: 3,046



Enjoy unforgettable spaces, world-class amenities, and all of the distinct features that make our cruises so incredible onboard Celebrity Constellation® . 

Inaugural Date:12 May, 2002  / Revolution Date: Coming Soon / Occupancy: 2,184




Enjoy unforgettable spaces, world-class amenities, and all of the distinct features that make our cruises so incredible onboard Celebrity Infinity® . 

Inaugural Date:3 March, 2001  / Revolution Date: Coming Soon /  Occupancy: 2,170



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Explore Europe - New Alexa Skill

Explore Europe - New Alexa Skill

Mediterranean FAQs

Answering your questions about the Mediterranean.

From what to pack for your Mediterranean cruise to the key highlights to check out in every country, we answer all of your need-to-know questions.

A sun-kissed climate, mouth-watering cuisine, twinkling seas… the Mediterranean is what summer holiday dreams are made of. Not only that, but we cruise straight to the Med from Southampton, meaning it’s never been easier or more hassle-free to explore all that this diverse region has to offer. 

•    See more for less – You’ll save money (and time) on the price of your holiday when you book a cruise, as you’ll bundle travel and accommodation costs together. 
•    Easy planning – Bid goodbye to fiddly travel logistics, delayed flights and long journeys. Simply board your luxury ship at Southampton and get ready to discover a new destination every day.
•    One trip, multiple destinations – You’ll pack even more into your holiday on a cruise, as we’ll cover multiple countries in one trip, from the architecturally innovative cities of Spain to the peaceful islands of Greece. Who knows, you might discover your new favourite place. 
Discover more reasons why a cruise is the best way to explore Europe and the Mediterranean. 

There are almost too many highlights in the Med to list, but we’ve given it our best shot:
•    Santorini, Greece – The white-washed houses, cornflower blue rooves and sparkling waters of Santorini are just as impressive in real life as they are on the postcards. Watching the sun set over the caldera will be an unforgettable part of your Mediterranean cruise.
•    Gaudian architecture, Barcelona – From the imposing La Sagrada Familia to sprawling Park Güell, the Spanish city of Barcelona is peppered with renowned architect Antoni Gaudi’s masterpieces. His work is characterised by its imaginative, gothic style.
•    The Canary Islands – The islands of this Spanish archipelago are as unexpected as they are diverse. Hop across black sand in Lanzarote, laze on the beaches of Fuerteventura and scale Spain’s tallest mountain in Tenerife. 
•    The multi-layered cities of Italy – Expect awe-inspiring cathedrals, world-renowned galleries and baroque churches in cities like Rome, Florence and Naples. And we haven’t even mentioned the pizza yet. 
•    Venice – No Mediterranean cruise is complete without a visit to this distinctive city set upon a complex network of canals. Take your time wandering the atmospheric backstreets, and don’t miss St. Mark’s Basilica in the Piazza San Marco. 

If you’re visiting the Mediterranean in the summer, pack plenty of shorts, cotton T-shirts and looser clothing to keep you cool as temperatures soar. It’s also a good idea to bring layers in case it cools off in the evenings. Make sure to bring along your swimwear for dipping in the sea or lazing by the pool on the ship, as well as a sun hat and sun cream. In cooler months, waterproofs, warm layers and sensible footwear are essential. Find out more about what to pack on your Celebrity cruise. 

Most of the Mediterranean follows CET (Central European Time), which is one hour ahead of the UK and 2 hours ahead during daylight saving time.

The Mediterranean diet is considered one of the healthiest (and most delicious) in the world, thanks to its preference of grains, lean meats and olive oil. The coastlines and sunny climate ensure sweet, naturally ripened vegetables and plenty of fish. That doesn’t mean, however, that it’s without its indulgences – try traditional pizza and rich pasta in Italy, or hearty paella with spicy chorizo in Spain. 

The Mediterranean is generally a safe place to visit, although guests are advised to prioritise their safety and use their discretion.

Countries considered to be in the Mediterranean are those which border the Mediterranean Sea, as well as some member states. The ones we visit include:
•    Spain
•    France
•    Monaco
•    Italy
•    Croatia 
•    Montenegro
•    Greece
•    Turkey
•    Israel
•    Malta
•    Portugal

Celebrity Cruises sails to the Mediterranean between April and October. During the shoulder seasons (spring and autumn), temperatures are slightly cooler and the crowds are smaller – perfect if you like to have the tourist sites to yourself. The summer months will be the hottest and busiest. We don’t cruise to the Mediterranean in the winter, when the weather tends to be chillier and with a higher likelihood of rain. 

The Mediterranean climate is typified by hot summers and mild winters. 
•    Spring: Temperatures start to warm up (hovering around 20 degrees) and the flowers begin to bloom, creating lush landscapes to enjoy. 
•    Summer: This is when temperatures are at their highest, reaching between 30 and 40 degrees in Italy. 
•    Autumn: Temperatures cool down to the low 20s and the crowds begin to disperse. 
•    Winter: The coldest month is January, when temperatures dip to single figures. 

Mediterranean hurricanes are known as medicanes, but aren’t common at all – the waters of the Mediterranean don’t usually provide the right conditions to create hurricanes. If they do form, activity tends to start in autumn, peak in January, and peter out by April/May so there’s little-to-no chance of being caught in one during cruise season. 

We’ve created some tips to help with any confusion around Brexit and how it affects travel. Check out our guide to Brexit and travelling to make your Mediterranean cruise as smooth as possible. 


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