Grand, historic, beautiful.

Every angle, every shadow and every moment in Venice is a photograph waiting to be taken. Gondoliers in striped shirts, serenading love-struck couples. Bedsheets blowing in the breeze, hung from a balcony above an ancient courtyard. A hundred bridges making a patchwork of the city.

On your Venice cruise, you’ll find plenty to love about this destination. The Basilica di San Marco with its Byzantine domes, the Gothic glamour of the Palazzo Ducale, the bustle of the Rialto Market. And don’t miss Harry’s Bar, the birthplace of the Bellini cocktail.

The Grand Canal is lined with opulent, elegantly decaying architecture, typifying the Venetian penchant for grandeur. Or step away from the tourist hotspots and you’ll find a network of winding lanes and alleys. Here, you can peer into shops selling colourful masks and even more colourful gelato, for hours on end without getting bored.

Weather & what to pack

Venice has a typical Mediterranean climate, and can get pretty humid in the summer. It a compact city with many people in it so temperatures tend to climb. If you visit from May to August, suncream, a hat and loose layers are all essentials. Flat shoes or sandals make sense too if you intend to do some exploring.


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