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You’re in for a treat on Caligari cruises, because we reckon the best way to approach this grand city is by ship. Slowly, a cascading structure of golden buildings will creep into view, framed by sparkling azure water and topped by the city’s most famous feature, Il Castello. This citadel looms atmospherically over the rest of the city with its distinctive towers and domes. Its protected by ramparts, and was once home to the city’s rich glitterati. Inside the fortifications, you’ll find a charming world of narrow streets as well as the awe-inspiring Caligari Cathedral. The Pisan-Romanesque structure was built in the 13th century and features an imposing cupola. 

You’ll find that Caligari has a typically Italian feel, embracing la dolce vita with a street café culture, its elegant palazzi brimming with eateries, bars and restaurants. Feel like hitting the beach? Pack some sun cream and head off to the popular Poetto Beach, which stretches lazily for 7km between Sella del Diavolo to Quartu Sant’Elena. Shallow waters are perfect for paddling, and there are also plenty of beach bars for grabbing a refreshing beverage in between sunbathing sessions. Before leaving Caligari, take a trip to the Torre dell’Elefante, a Pisan tower with a gory history extending all the way back to the early 14th century.