Masterpieces, feasts, grandeur.

Rome almost needs no introduction; it is home to so many instantly recognisable sights, such as the Colosseum, the Pantheon and St. Peter’s Basilica. Its history as the one-time greatest empire in the world lends it an impressive flourish.

On your Rome cruise, you discover Italy’s capital at your own pace and find out that there is more to the Eternal City than meets the eye. Few places have an artistic and cultural heritage as rich as Rome’s. Ancient sculptures by Michelangelo can be found throughout the city – and that’s before you even step into one of the city’s museums or art galleries.

The many fine dining establishments and friendly trattorias are evidence – if any were needed – of the Italian love affair with food. Make sure you arrive in Rome hungry so that you can enjoy everything from authentic pizza to Italian ice cream!

Weather & what to pack

Mediterranean in climate, Rome has very hot summers and cold winters. The hottest months tend to be July and August. On your Rome cruise, you’ll need to pack light summer clothes to keep you cool in the heat and a secure day bag to carry all your belongings while exploring.


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