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There’s simple no point resisting the energy of Naples. This southern Italian city, sitting pretty in the Bay of Naples, is soaked through to the stone with history and myth. Did you know, for example, that the city is home to no less than three castles, two palaces and a plethora of ruins? Soak up the cultural heritage of Naples by visiting the Museo Archeologico Nazionale and admire ancient frescoes and mosaics. The cuisine found here is just as rich and intense: make sure to bring an empty stomach on one of our Naples cruises for all that spaghetti alle vongole. There’s another side to the city, too: you’ll be within travelling distance of the mighty Mount Vesuvius, famous for destroying the city of Pompeii. In fact, the city is just 16 miles from Naples, making the perfect day trip. The ruins have been preserved by ash, meaning you can stroll down UNESCO World Heritage-listed streets dating back to the Roman era. Expect to find temples, cafes and more that tell tales of an era long-past. Back in Naples, pay a visit to the medieval Castel Nuovo right in the centre of the city, which dates back to the 13th-century before settling down with a coffee in the late afternoon sun.