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Come sailing with us to La Spezia, which sits on Italy’s west coast. You can easily spend the morning wandering the streets of its compact old town, sampling local delicacies like focaccia or pesto alla Genovese at any one of the authentic trattorias. La Spezia cruises are also ideal if you’d like to explore Italy’s celebrated Cinque Terre region, which is only minutes away by train. Translating as “five lands”, Cinque Terre comprises five distinct fishing villages carved dramatically into the cliff-faces, creating some of the world’s most striking coastal scenery. From La Spezia, you’ll also be within easy travelling distance of both Florence and Pisa. The former is a venerable feast for the senses, with its world-class art galleries refined 15th and 16th-century architecture and laid-back, la dolce vita way of life. On your visit to Pisa, you must of course pay a visit to the famous leaning tower, but there’s plenty else to do besides. The Battistero is surely one of the highlights: this baptistery consists of dome piled upon dome, and dates back to the 14th-century. Close to the leaning tower, you’ll find Pisa Cathedral, distinctive for its green marbled striped façade. Thanks to the city’s university culture, the centre of town is teeming with hip spots to stop for coffee (or gelato).