Naples, Italy

Ancient ruins, dramatic coastline, secret lagoons, a bustling city, an active volcano and centuries of culinary know-how - the Bay of Naples is as appealing to the eye as it is the stomach. 

One of the greatest draws of the Campania region is the opportunity to explore the rich cultural and natural landscape. Step back in time to the days of the Roman Empire with a visit to the ghostly ruins of Pompeii in the shadows of Mount Vesuvius, stroll along luscious green hills overlooking the pastel-hued village of Sorrento, or settle for a long lunch sipping prosecco while you gaze in awe of the region’s jagged coastline.


A Taste of Naples

Set in a dramatic volcanic landscape the city of Naples is one of Italy’s oldest and most delicious. Blessed with its own classic dishes, it serves up some of the country’s best pasta and seafood.


Although somewhat lacking in tourist gloss, Naples  makes up for this with unapologetic charm. Weave your way through the chaotic streets in its historic centre and you’ll stumble upon monumental squares, archaeological treasures and truly world-class museums.


Naples' Time Tested Pastries

With trays of pastries dripping with honey and cream-filled cannoli wittingly displayed at eye level, it’s hard to just walk straight past. Pasticceria Bar Al Capriccio is one of many pastry shops that has been supplying its inhabitants with sweet treats since the dawn of time. An impromptu chocolate baba will give you the sugar boost you need to keep roaming from street-to-street.

Untouched Sorrento

If you’re looking for a more quaint Italian experience, one of the undisputed gems of the Naples region is the coastal town of Sorrento. Just over one hour’s drive from the city of Naples.

The flurry of hairpin bends that lead there are littered with olive and lemon trees vying for the best views of this jaw-dropping stretch of coastline. While the town itself has a handful of authentic eateries dotted along steep-faced cliffs looking over the waters to Mount Vesuvius with bated breath.


Sorrento’s Secret Lagoon

The easiest way to see Bagni della Regina Giovanna, the secret lagoon of Sorrento, is to rent a boat while you are there - but you can walk or get a bus too.


Seafood lovers should consider carrying on a little further to the fisherman’s haven of Marina di Puolo where you can lunch on a fresh catch. Surrounded by ancient ruins a cleft in the rocks allows the sea to channel through an archway into a clear, natural pool, with the water turning blue, green, and violet as the sunlight changes angles. 


Dramatic Dining

Sitting confidently on Sorrento’s cliff edge is the much-loved Ristoranto iI Borgo. The views here are captivating. In the foreground local fishermen hurry back with edible treasures from the sea, while on the horizon Mount Vesuvius’s mystery completes this panoramic masterpiece.