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Welcome to the oldest city in Ireland. Waterford turned 1100 in 2014 and traces of its history remain everywhere – although this is very much a city that strives toward the future. You’ll find it in the southeast of Ireland, easily accessed from the fishing village of Dunmore East. Waterford is perhaps most famous for Waterford Crystal, the high-end crystal that is manufactured here. Learn more by visiting the factory and maybe even pick up a souvenir to bring home. On Waterford cruises, immerse yourself in the history of the city with a visit to the Medieval Museum. It may look modern from the outside, but the museum comprises several medieval buildings and also part of the original city wall. Inside, you’ll find 15th century silk church vestments as well as the Great Parchment Book of Waterford, a fascinating account of everyday medieval life in the city. On a sunny day, spend the afternoon wandering around the town centre and the aptly named Viking Triangle, which consists of three museums recounting the Middle Ages. Finally, don’t miss Reginald’s Tower – this 13th century round structure was once used to defend the city against attack. Today, it houses a large collection of ancient artefacts.