Indonesia resembles a giant mosaic. It has around 17,000 islands, 8,000 of which are inhabited, and we take you right into the heart of it on your Indonesia cruise.


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Indonesia highlights: adventure, spectacle, beach life

A playful and adventurous spirit permeates everything in Indonesia. Across these 17,000 islands you find something different to see and do at every turn. The landscapes and the people are so diverse that it is impossible to describe them in a few words.

You’ll love the wild, elemental natural features – from volcanoes to jungles. And, while most of the volcanoes are dormant, some are still very much active!

And all that coastline! Indonesia is home to some of the world’s most stunning beaches. Thanks to the sheer amount of islands that Indonesia encompasses, it offers countless strips of sea and sand to satisfy everyone from sun seekers to hikers and wildlife lovers. We recommend immersing yourself in the culture of this great nation by hopping off your Indonesia cruise ship at Benoa, Bali and Komodo. Remember your camera!

Weather & what to pack

Indonesia has a tropical climate. The dry season lasts from April – October, with temperature averaging 28 degrees Celsius. November to March is the country’s monsoon season. Make sure to bring light clothes which will keep you cool but also protect you from the sun on your Indonesia cruise. Comfortable shoes are also a must to allow you to explore the wilderness, and bring something waterproof to shield you from any sudden downpours – just in case.


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