Days of the Raj, modern confidence, chaotic and colourful.

Mumbai has to be seen to be believed. A chaotic, wonderful city of 19m inhabitants you just have throw yourself into it and let it carry you along. Your senses will be in overdrive, catching the scent of spices on the air, the honking of horns and the roar of mopeds, the rich weave of colourful fabrics on market stalls.

Your Mumbai cruise will show you a city where modern India meets old India. High rise towers shade colourful street markets, commercial districts harbour ancient temples and ultra-cool style meets traditional customs. And somehow it works!

India’s history and culture is evident in the jumble of architectural styles from the ancient temple of Babulnath, to the Victorian Gothic and Art Deco buildings telling the story of the British Raj, to the modern high tech towers that say India is a confident forward-looking nation.


Mumbai is hot and humid with year-round temperatures that sit around 30 degree Celsius. The rains come in the summer months, peaking in July. 

You will need to pack summer clothes, preferably in natural materials, that you feel comfortable and cool in. You will probably change your clothes often and should pack plenty - and bring a light waterproof for the rainy months.


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