India is a full-on sensory and spiritual experience, from the clatter of its city streets and the tang of spices to the beauty of its natural landscapes and the calm of the temples.


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India highlights: chaotic cities, spiritual oases, palm-fringed beaches

India is a vast and intriguing country with a special and enduring connection to Britain. On your India cruise, explore the huge and seemingly chaotic city of Mumbai, the layers of history at Cochin and the laid back vibe on the beaches of Goa.

In Mumbai, modern skyscrapers overlook traditional markets and the city pulsates with energy. Throw yourself into the atmosphere and soak up the chatter, the culture and of course, the cuisine – time to try Britain’s adopted national dish for real!

In Cochin, where centuries of history bear witness to ancient settlements, Portuguese occupation and the days of the Raj, take refuge in ancient religious temples and feel the calm envelope you.  

A restful peace can also be found on the warm, sandy beaches of Goa, with the Arabian Sea lapping at your feet. Here you can relax and reflect on what a stunning country India is.

Weather & what to pack

India is hot and dry for most of the year, with November to March being the cooler, more manageable months and the summer months being hot and prone to monsoon rains.

Light summer clothes are ideal, with perhaps a layer for the cooler winter evenings. Bring flat sandals or comfortable walking shoes for your city explorations and of course, don’t forget your swimwear for those idyllic beaches and warm seas.


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