Nightlife, cultural cool, coastal sights.

We think you’ll be seriously impressed with Iceland’s pint-sized capital on your Reykjavík cruise. It’s renowned for a fun and lively nightlife – in the small, but perfectly formed, city centre, you’ll find a number of ultra-cool clubs, open until the early morning hours. Or, simply enjoy an evening cocktail (or two) in one of the many eclectic bars.

Your Reykjavík cruise is also the perfect time to soak up some culture. This city boasts museums and art galleries that cities twice its size would be proud of. We recommend the National Museum and the distinctively designed Harpa concert hall and cultural centre – whose reflective exterior glitters on the water’s surface.

Reykjavik’s coastal position adds to its icy beauty. Surrounded by mountain peaks and freezing, deep blue waters, the air here feels not just cold, but refreshingly clean.

Weather & what to pack

Reykjavík might not be quite as cold as you imagine. With a subarctic maritime climate, temperatures vary from 13 Celsius in the summer and between 2 and -3 Celsius in the winter. Depending on the month of your Reykjavík cruise, pack warm layers, including a winter coat, a hat and gloves. You’ll also need sturdy shoes to keep water out. But don’t forget swimming gear – you can warm up in the pool and spa onboard your Celebrity Cruises ship!


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