Green, historic, scenic.

The verdant island of Corfu is positioned off Greece’s north west coast, on the Ionian Sea. As we approach the island on our Corfu cruise you’ll be greeted by the quiet majesty of the Palaio Frourio (the old fortress), which rises dramatically from the cliffs.

One of the greenest islands in Greece, Corfu is home to thousands of olive trees, giving it a relaxed and scenic vibe. The idyllic beaches only compound this sense of relaxation, which stays with you as you explore the many charms of Corfu town.

Much of the architecture in Corfu takes a traditional Venetian style, making it feel, in parts, more Italian than Greek. The quaint streets of Corfu town are so culturally important that they’ve been designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Head to the Byzantine Museum to truly understand Corfu’s fascinating past.

Weather & what to pack

The secret behind Corfu’s greenery? Rain. But don’t worry – the rain falls mainly in the winter months and the summers are sunny. Spring and autumn are good times to visit as the weather during these seasons is pleasantly warm but not too hot.


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