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Nowhere is the heartbeat of history heard more loudly than in Athens, Greece’s dazzling capital city. Built in the 5th Century AD, reminders of Athens’ roots are everywhere: from the Acropolis which looms eternally over the city, to the ruins of the Parthenon. Many of our modern ideals originated here; democracy, philosophy and mythology, to name just a few. And yet the spirit of Athens is not solely rooted in the past – it spirals frenetically forward, giving the city a lovably chaotic energy. In fact, you’ll discover on one of our Athens cruises that the capital is a hot spot for creative street art. The best way to discover it is by simply getting lost. Wander off the beaten track and towards the Attica Peninsula. There are plenty more historical sites to be admired here, such as Ancient Eleusis and the Temple of Poseidon. It’s also home to the city’s best beaches – we recommend Kavouri, which is located on a shady peninsula covered in pine trees. If you’re feeling energetic, join in a game of beach paddle ball, which is a national sport in Greece. Combine your relaxation with some hiking by heading to Vouliagmeni Lake, which is surrounded by dramatic rock walls, giving it a secluded feel.