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The peaceful seaside town of Katakolon perches on a headland gazing over the sparkling Ionian Sea. This is authentic Greece at its best: the town is filled with quaint tavernas, shops and cafes, and colourful boats bob in the harbour. It’s also the closest port to Ancient Olympia, making Katakolon cruises the postcard perfect opportunity to discover Greece’s fascinating history. Ancient Olympia was the original site of the first Olympic Games in the 8th Century BC, which then took place here every four years for the next 1000. Every time the games take place somewhere else in the world, a flame is still lit here. To get the most out of your visit to this UNESCO World Heritage-listed attraction, pay a visit to the archaeological museum, which will help you understand when the buildings were built, and to visualise the ones which no longer stand. Then, take a walk among the shady ruins and discover the Doric Temple of Zeus, a 2nd century BC gymnasium and, of course, the stadium. Back in Katakolon, rest tired (and most likely dusty) feet by enjoying an evening at a winery and vineyard. Or, take a gentle walk along Paralia Skafidia, a tree-backed coastline complete with relaxing sandy beach.