A fascinating black pahoehoe lava flow marks the land in Sullivan Bay, from a volcanic eruption in 1800s. A trip to Puerto Egas is where you'll find fur seals seeking shade in grottos.


Discover our ports of call around Isla Santiago.

  • Espumilla Beach

    Espumilla Beach can be found on Santiago Island – it’s the perfect spot for swimming, snorkelling, and relaxing on the golden sand on your Galapagos cruise.

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    This is one of the most spectacular settings in the Galapagos. A relatively young island, its volcanic origins are evident. One visiting astronaut even said it reminded him of the moon.

  • Rabida

    The landscapes of this small island are visually stunning. Among other sights, there is an old volcanic cone bathed in crimson, sitting amid coves of clear, aqua-blue water.

  • Puerto Egas

    With its sandy beach, black rock and blue-water grottos this stop offers a taste of Galapagos geology, some great snorkelling, and an opportunity to see shore birds and Galapagos fur seals.

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    Sullivan Bay

    Take a morning hike over a blackened landscape that is nothing less than a geologic wonderland. Craters, lava and cactus dot the trail – it resembles a Martian-like landscape. 


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