The elegant streets of Paris and the ornate domes of Rome are undeniably romantic – but why not try a less conventional getaway? Topping our hit list are the mysterious and alluring Galapagos Islands.

Read on to find out more about this fascinating destination, and what wonders await you on a Galapagos cruise.

The Galapagos

A landscape unscarred by development

A remote archipelago of islands floating in the Pacific Ocean off the shores of Ecuador, the Galapagos is one of the last unspoilt destinations on earth when it comes to human footprint. The archipelago enjoys a year-round warm climate and comprises 19 islands and many idyllic scattered islets.

Its volcanic terrain might be a drastic departure from sun-kissed beaches and refined town squares, but there’s definitely something romantic about the dramatic, moon-like volcanic landscape you’ll find here. Seemingly barren in parts and bursting with colourful wildlife in others, its diversity of terrain means that it’s home to countless trekking and hiking routes. A sunrise walk overlooking a steep valley is a romantic activity you’re not likely to forget in a hurry.

Or, you might choose to experience the underwater world of the Galapagos on a snorkelling or diving trip. Allow yourself to be surrounded by vibrant marine life (there are over 2,900 different species, with over a quarter found only in the Galapagos) as you glide over reefs and secret habitats. Above the water, look out for curious sea lions and penguins watching you from rocky outcrops.

Keep an eye out for rare wildlife

Speaking of animals, the Galapagos is one of the richest ecosystems of endemic flora and fauna anywhere in the world. For this reason, it’s perhaps best known for forming the basis of Darwin’s Theory of Natural Selection. Characters you can expect to come across as you venture here include the giant tortoise, which lives for over a hundred years, as well as marine iguanas, which can live on both land and sea.

Keep your eyes peeled for blue-footed boobies, named as such for their striking, bright blue feet. You might even be lucky enough to catch one of their most famous behaviours: the male performing an intricate courtship dance for the female. Everywhere you look, a unique species awaits: Sally Lightfoot crabs skitter along the beach, waved albatrosses' circle overhead, and Darwin's Finches sing in the trees. The Galapagos is one destination where you definitely want to have your camera in hand.

Learn more about the Galapagos Islands onboard one of our ships

Celebrity Cruises is one of the only cruise lines in the world to sail to the Galapagos. Four of our ships offer Galapagos itineraries, providing you multiple chances to see this fascinating destination up close.

Celebrity Xploration has a capacity of only 16 guests, creating an intimate feeling of community onboard. As the ship is smaller than others in our fleet, we’re able to take you further and deeper into the archipelago, offering you a unique vantage point of its peaks and craters from the water. The layout of the ship is also designed to help you make the most of the breath-taking Galapagos scenery. Take your binoculars up to the Sun Deck to spot whales, or choose to learn more about the history and geography of the islands by attending one of our informative sessions held by naturalists certified by the Galapagos National Park.

Celebrity Flora is the newest ship in our Galapagos fleet, and it has been purpose-built to showcase the real beauty of this incomparable destination. Every detail has been designed with an environmentally friendly focus, from the sustainable natural materials found in all of the suites to the ship's innovative steering system, which doesn't use anchors to protect the seas.

There’s also nowhere better to celebrate a romantic break. With the most spacious and luxe accommodation of any of our Galapagos-visiting ships, every single room is a suite, featuring floor to ceiling windows. Sleek, glass and metal details and soft furnishings create a cosy haven to relax in with your partner after a day of exploring the islands.

The Galapagos Islands are like nowhere else on earth, and we can take you there in unbeatable style. Begin your voyage of discovery now by browsing our Galapagos cruises.