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Welcome to Séte, whose canal-riddled landscape has seen it named the “Little Venice of Languedoc”. Located in the southwest of France, Séte is also close to the Étang de Thau – a scenic saltwater lagoon. This location makes it the perfect place to feast upon local seafood, which you’ll find in abundance: think cuttlefish, sardines and more. Thanks to the salt content in the lagoon, the oysters are also among some of the best you’ll taste in France. The centre of Séte is easily walkable, so if you need to burn off that big dinner, take a stroll up Mt St Clair. This hill overlooks the centre of town, and from the top, you’ll enjoy panoramic views of the city and the coast. Next, take a wander down to La Pointe Courte, the fishermen’s quarter which perches on the side of the lagoon. It’s the perfect place to get lost among ramshackle wooden buildings, complete with colourful bars and intriguing street art. In fact, Séte cruises are ideal for stretching your legs – you can walk along the city’s canals for miles. The main one, Canal Royal, connects the lagoon to the town. When you’re ready for a sit (or a lie) down, hit the beach. Lazaret and Corniche are the closest ones to the city centre.