In the fashion world, September is the most significant month of the year. It's when fashion weeks explode all over the world, bringing together designers, journalists, celebrities – and some of the world’s most well-known fashion influencers and bloggers. In this post, we’ll be introducing you to one key influencer per region, and exploring how they represent each country’s unique sense of style.


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When it comes to effortless street style, Jeanne Damas shows us how it’s done. On her Instagram, expect her posing in front of quintessentially French cafes with their woven chairs and gold gilded typography. That, or on her idyllic balcony overlooking the glittering lights of the city. Even when she’s travelling in New York or LA, Jeanne brings along her classic, laissez-faire approach that’s completely, undoubtedly Parisian – androgynous jeans, tailored blazers, silky slips of dresses, and yes, the occasional beret.

Jeanne is also the founder of her own label, Rouje (@rouje), which encapsulates her timelessly chic aesthetic. Think nostalgic, patterned tea dresses, sharp cuts of culottes and cigarette pants and ultra-soft knitwear. It’s the next best thing for capturing that natural French Girl style.


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With an impressive 14.9m Instagram followers, Chiara Ferragni is one of the most influential fashion bloggers around. She launched her blog, The Blonde Salad, back in 2009 while studying for a degree in law, but is now a designer who has collaborated with some of the most recognisable and prestigious brands in the world, including Dior, Guess and Gucci. 

The secret to Chiara’s immense popularity may lie in her elegant, typically Milanese sense of style. Her outfit choices oscillate between unabashedly glamorous and classically low-key. For the most part, you’ll find dramatic silhouettes with plenty of feminine details like sheer panels, lace and embellishments, interspersed with fine Italian tailoring and bold pops of colour. Daring, sensual and confident, no one captures the spirit of contemporary Milan fashion better.


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Berlin’s fashion sense is difficult to characterise – but Bonnie Strange’s striking and eclectic Instagram goes some way in depicting it. With 754k followers, Bonnie’s account is an extension of her hugely popular fashion blog, Strange Ambition. On both platforms, she showcases a wildly colourful and experimental dress sense, exemplified by neon, dip-dyed hair, ripped black tights and plenty of distressed denim.

A smattering of typography and slogans perfectly mirrors Berlin’s casual and outspoken vibe, as does the slightly risqué nature of Bonnie’s style. Bonnie’s most recent posts involve plenty of red neon, vintage T-shirts and her adventures in Ibiza.


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Lizzy Hadfield is the face behind the @shotfromthestreet Instagram account, which exemplifies a very modern, very modern and very London approach to fashion. Reflecting her love of photography, photos are snapped on a 35mm lens. The effect is a slightly worn in and grainy finish that creates a vintage vibe, also showcased in her clothing choices.

Lizzy’s look is fresh and eclectic, but studying her posts does reveal a common theme: unstructured separates, masculine footwear and simple, fuss-free classics with distinctive 60s and 70s influences. You’ll spy elegant London homes and bustling streets in the background of Lizzy’s shots, but recent posts have also seen her travel to LA, Copenhagen and Italy.


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No one captures the New York It Girl aesthetic quite like Blair Eadie from fashion blog Atlantic-Pacific. Her account seamlessly fuses varsity-influenced preppiness with ladylike elegance: think multi-tiered taffeta skirts, fun polka dots and playful gingham, all set against a backdrop of New York’s leafy parks, high rises and wide streets peppered with yellow cabs.

In fact, some of New York’s most famous and iconic spots make an appearance on the Atlantic-Pacific account, adding an extra layer of aspiration to the already inspiring shots. Blair poses in a sunflower yellow dress at golden hour on Brooklyn Bridge; spins umbrellas in a floral raincoat in Central Park; poses in tweed with a flower-laden bicycle on the cobbles in Brooklyn. The optimism, refinement and attention to detail in each highly curated image perfectly captures the youthful energy of New York.

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