Kotor, Montenegro

Port cities don’t get much more atmospheric than Kotor, which nestles in a picturesque bay on the Adriatic Coast. The fortified walls give it a historic, medieval feel, while the Old Town is home to a staggering array of Romanesque architecture, such as St Tryphon’s Cathedral. Discover this underrated gem in Montenegro for yourself on one of our 2020 cruises. We overnight here, giving you even more chances to immerse yourself in the many facets of this intriguing town.

There’s never been a better time to sail to Kotor with us on one of our Mediterranean cruises. Celebrity Edge®, will be visiting Kotor in 2020, giving you access to private plunge pools, balconies which extend over the water and 29 mouth-watering bars, lounges and restaurants. Celebrity Constellation®, which has just been treated to a luxurious upgrade as part of a $500 million investment in our fleet will also be sailing to Kotor. Here are some of our favourite ways to explore this distinctive town

1. Kotor Old Town

Start your explorations of Kotor in the Old Town, which is one of the best-preserved medieval towns in the world. It is surrounded by a 4.5km-long wall, and the oldest of the gates leading into the Old Town dates way back to the 10th century. Start in the central Arms Square, where you can check out the 17th century clock tower and the Prince’s Palace. Take a walk through the narrow, cobbled streets and stop for a coffee to soak up the bustling atmosphere.

2. Kotor Cathedral

In the Old Town, you’ll come across Kotor Cathedral (also known as the Cathedral of Saint Tryphon). This is arguably Kotor’s most famous landmark, with a history dating back to 1166. Many earthquakes throughout the centuries have meant that various parts of the cathedral have had to be painstakingly reconstructed and modified over the years, such as the baroque bell towers. Inside, you’ll be treated to a masterpiece of pink-hued Romanesque design (keep an eye out for the hints of Byzantine frescoes).
Discover the Old Town and Kotor Cathedral on one of our Kotor Walking Tour shore excursions. 

3. Lunch at Galion

When you’ve worked up an appetite, stop at Galion for lunch. This gem of a restaurant perches on the idyllic Boka Kotorska Bay and offers both an airy terrace and cosy interior to choose from. Tuck into fresh seafood such as sugar-cured salmon and grilled octopus with views of the Adriatic and the Old Town walls. 

4. Our Lady of the Rocks

Refreshed and rejuvenated, you’ll be ready to go exploring on Our Lady of the Rocks – a little manmade island just off Boka Kotorska Bay. The legend goes that two fishermen discovered an image of the Virgin Mary on top of what was then just a pile of rocks, in 1452. They built the Orthodox chapel on the site, and this has since been converted into a Catholic church by the Venetians. They also expanded the island using rocks, and the tradition still takes place today. Every 22nd of July, the people of Perast (a small town just northwest of Kotor) throw rocks into the sea from boats in a custom known as fašinada. On your visit, you can take a walk around the picturesque church, and visit the little museum of Perast behind it.

Explore Perast and some of the other islands in the bay on our Baroque Charm and the Bay of Kotor shore excursion.

5. Maritime Museum

Learn more about the history of Montenegro at the Maritime Museum. Inside a grand 18th century palace, you’ll find three floors of fascinating exhibits dedicated to Kotor’s naval history. Along the way, you’ll come across photographs, uniforms, weaponry and intricate ship models. Keep your eyes peeled for Karampana Well, which provided Kotor with fresh drinking water for centuries. 

6. Lovćen

If you fancy stretching your legs, drive for just over an hour outside of Kotor to reach Lovćen National Park. The most famous part of the park is the mausoleum of Petar Petrovic Njegos, a Montenegrin poet and philosopher. You’ll climb a total of 461 steps to get to the entrance, where you’ll be greeted by the two granite giants guarding the tomb. We promise it’s worth it – from here, you can enjoy panoramic vistas of Montenegro. Also in Lovćen, you’ll find an adventure park with treetop trails, and a scattering of historic villages.

We’ll take you driving to the summit of Lovćen Mountain via one of the world’s most scenic roads on our Mount Lovćen shore excursion.

7. Dinner at Casa del Mare 

Round off your time in Kotor with an evening meal at the romantic Casa del Mare restaurant. Part of a sophisticated boutique hotel, the restaurant is equal parts intimate and elegant, with a menu that combines local delicacies with international-level cooking. For a slightly more informal meal, eat out at the hotel’s beach bar, which twinkles with lanterns and candles.

Explore the many delights of Kotor for yourself on one of our Montenegro or Mediterranean cruises.